Paultons Park – Home to Peppa Pig World

We visited Paultons Park today home of peppa pig world (Lots of people refer to it as Peppa Pig World but that is actually just a part of the park much like CBeebies land within Alton Towers)

Paulton’s Park is literally acres of fully themed fun so buckle up and grab a cuppa because this may be one of my longest reviews yet!

Where is Paultons Park

Paultons Park is the UKs best rated amusement park on google and is located in Hampshire. On the edge of the new forest national park not far from Salisbury and Southampton. Just off exit 2 of the M27. You can follow the Brown signs from the motorway.

Parking is free to visitors and there is plenty of parking available.

How much are tickets for Paultons Park

Children under 1 metre (and wheelchair dependant guests) are free of charge and do not need a ticket. If your child is over 90cm but under 100cm this is a really great deal.

Oscar is around 95cm and he could go on so much stuff and was free!

Everyone over 1 metre is the same price regardless of their age

Over 1 metre : £39.75 when booked in advance online (This saves £11.75 on the gate price on the day)

So the costs for a family would be
3 guest over 1m : £119.25
4 guest over 1m: £159.00
5 guest over 1m : £198.75

As you can see Oscar was super pleased he was free and wanted his photo taken on the way out

What is at Paultons Park?

Download the map from the original source : Paultons Park

Within Paultons Park you will find 5 different theme park areas, the main ‘Paultons Park’ & the garden area and walks.

Tornado Springs (ts on the map)

This is themed to the midwest desert resort town Tornado Springs in the american heyday of the 1950’s with 2 outdoor play areas, rides, toilet facilities and also a restaurant.

Tornado Springs at Paultons Park

You can get to Tornado Spring either through its main entrance here underneath the Storm Chaser track or there is another way through from the back of Peppa Pig World down by the meet and greet area.

Al’s Auto Academy

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 0.8m to ride accompanied and over 1.2m and between 6 & 12 years old to ride alone.

Al’s Auto Academy is a garage-themed driving school ride, with a road course for you to drive round. It is suitable for children over 80cm but children under 6 need an adult with them and all the cars are made with a rear seat for adults. Much to Hollys disappointment as she wanted to drive alone!

After a quick video safety briefing we could go and choose our cars. They are just like little gokarts with 1 pedal, the pedal is accessable by the adult from the back seat so I could control the car thankfully.

Tornado Springs Play areas – Junkyard Junction and Parking Lot Tots

One thing Paultons Park isn’t short of is play areas! Each one is themed to the section of the park it is on and you’ll find 2 in Tornado Springs.

The smaller Parking Lot Tots is tucked down towards the toilets next to the Route 83 Diner and the Junkyard Junction is opposite the Route 83 Diner next to Storm Chaser.

Windmill Towers

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 0.9m to ride accompanied and over 7 years old to ride alone.

Windmill Towers was mine and Hollys first ride of the day and it surprised me that Oscar was allowed on this one. He loved it so much that we got off and went straight back on (there was a minimal queue)

Farmyard Flyer

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 0.9m to ride accompanied 7 years old to ride alone.

This is one of the new rides for Tornado Springs and it’s pretty quick! The only little complaint was the queue said 15 minutes and it was actually closer to 40 minutes so Oscar was quite restless by the time we eventually got on it.


Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 0.75m to ride accompanied and over 8 years old to ride alone.

I can do any roller coaster, upside down? no problem. Super quick? Great. Drops and Loops? They are my favourite. But the teacups are a big no from me so Gaz had the job of taking them on this one.

Although the cups can be spun by twisting the middle yellow bit you also have to push a foot pedal down to release it, so he just told them it was broke and didn’t press the pedal.

Storm Chaser

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 1m & 4 years old to ride accompanied and over 1.2m and over 8 years old to ride alone.

This is a cool spinning coaster, similar to spinball whizzer and Dragons fury but with a much smaller height limit.

It actually goes really high and I was worried Holly would be scared but she loved it

Paultons Park (pp on the map)

Victorian Carousel

Height Restriction Info : No Minimum requirements to ride accompanied but children must be over 1.2m or over 6 years old to to ride alone.

Just outside the entrance to Tornado Springs you will find this very grand Victorian Carousel. Holly loves carousels Oscar isn’t so keen but they both went on and went to the upper deck (I have never seen one with an upstairs before!)


Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 0.9m old to ride accompanied and over 7 years old to ride alone.

I had to google what this word was because it’s an odd name and I found out this;

Kon-Tiki expedition The Kon-Tiki expedition was a 1947 journey by raft across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands, led by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl. The raft was named Kon-Tiki after the Inca god Viracocha, for whom “Kon-Tiki” was said to be an old name

Source Wikipedia

Which then made sense as to why the ride was called this!

Digger Ride (Over by Lost Kingdom)

Height Restriction Info : No Minimum requirements to ride however they must be able to sit unaided and hold onto the steering wheel.

There are so many small rides tucked away in various corners of the park over here you’ll find the Digger Ride and also a small water ride.

Oscar is digger mad so he was very excited to spot this one.

Critter Creek (cc on the map)

Over here is a smaller area where you’ll find a couple of rides and a walk through reptile house.

Cat-O-Pillar Coaster

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 0.9m to ride accompanied and over 7 years old to ride alone.

I wasn’t sure about Oscar going on this one. Me and Holly went first and it is way faster than it looks. It does go round twice and Oscar was fine the first time, but not so keen the 2nd time round.

Peppa Pig World (ppw on the map)

Of course the main attraction at Paultons Park is Peppa Pig World. It consists of 9 fun peppa-themed rides

Peppa’s big balloon ride

Height Restriction Info : No Minimum requirements to ride accompanied but children must be over 8 years old to to ride alone.

I didn’t go on many of the Peppa Pig rides as me and Holly went off on the bigger stuff but we did come back for this. It’s pretty high up you get a good view of the park.

Grandpa pig’s little train

Height Restriction Info : No Minimum requirements to ride accompanied but children must be over 4 years old to to ride alone.

Gaz and Oscar went on this while we were over in Tornado Springs. This is suitable for all ages.

George’s Dinosaur Adventure

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 0.85m to ride accompanied and over 1.1m to ride alone.

Again Gaz and Oscar went on this one while we were elsewhere . Oscar loved it, the dinosaur rocks up and down as it goes round the track.

Meet and Greets

Oscar was so excited to meet mummy pig. His little face lit up and he queued up to have his photo with her.

Daddy pig’s car ride

Height Restriction Info : No Minimum requirements to ride accompanied but children must be over 4 years old to to ride alone.

This was a cute little ride suitable for all ages and our first photo of the day. Thankfully there were 2 steering wheels in the front or there would have been a fight between these 2.

Peppa’s Toy Shop & George’s Spaceship Play Zone

We managed to avoid both these areas- I didn’t spend £120 on tickets for them to spend their time in a soft play area! But if you are an annual pass holder it’s a great place to find some shade or hide from the unpredictable English weather.

We didn’t go on grampy rabbit’s sailing club, Grampa Pigs Boat Ride, miss rabbit’s helicopter flight, Windy Castle Ride or The queen’s flying coach ride. They all had really long queues and we wanted to get round to the rest of the park.

Each of the rides has a board explaining all the height (and age) restrictions.

Little Africa (la on the map)

This is tucked away at the back of Peppa Pig World and you could easily miss it. Its home to a whole range of African natives including meerkats, giant train millipedes and a walk through aviary.

Splash Pad (by Lost Kingdom)

If you go left once you come through the main entrance you’ll find these lovely water splash parks. We didn’t realise there was one here so didn’t bring any swim stuff with us which was a shame.

There are lockers available next to the splash pad.

Lost Kingdom (lk on the map)

The dinosaur themed lost kingdom was where you will find some of the parks big rides including flight of the pterosaur and Velociraptor roller coasters.

Flight of the Pterosaur

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 1m & 4 years old to ride accompanied and over 1.2m and over 8 years old to ride alone.

Holly was super excited for this one her first ‘big’ coaster – It was actually really fast and she loved it!

Oscar also found this huge T-rex outside and when we got off he was desperate to show us what he had found.

There is a really great viewing spot by the loading bay

Boulder Dash

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 1 years old to ride accompanied and over 1.2m and over 8 years old to ride alone.

Gaz and Oscar went on this while Holly and I queued for the Flight of the Pterosaur. He said it was similar to the Toy Story Alien ride in Hollywood Studios and Oscar loved it.

Dino Chase

Height Restriction Info : No Minimum requirements to ride accompanied but children must be over 5 years old to to ride alone.

This is a really short ride but it does go round 3 times. There was no queue for this one though so we didn’t mind it was so short.


Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 1m & 4 years old to ride accompanied and over 1.2m and over 8 years old to ride alone.

This was the 2nd ‘big’ ride Holly went on and she absolutely loved it. There is a similar ride at Drayton Manor but it isn’t as big as this.

It starts by going backwards up the green ramp (to the right of Holly) and then whizzing round the track before going up another ramp and then doing the whole track backwards.

Little Explorers Play Area

Next to the Dino Chase you’ll find another play area with a sandpit and various climbing equipment.

The Dinosaur Tour Company Dino Jeeps

Height Restriction Info : No Minimum requirements to ride accompanied but children must be over 4 years old to to ride alone.

One of the few rides we could get a group photo on was The Dinosaur Tour Company Dino Jeeps. Its a cool little guided tour with a voice over host talking you through all the sections with the animatronic dinosaurs as you drive round.

Oh and here’s a photo of me and the hubby in the queue line cos we never actually take many photos of us!

Temple Heights

Height Restriction Info : Children must be over 0.9m to ride accompanied and over 7 years old to ride alone.

We nearly missed this one as it was tucked away behind the Dino Jeeps – If we hadn’t spotted it while we were on them we would never have known it was there.

Oscar thought it was really good, Holly just wanted to know if it could go faster.

Alive! Dinosaur Encounter

Can’t believe we missed this as we didn’t know it was on, we just spotted the sign when we were getting on the Temple Heights Ride. I will 100% be coming back just to see this!

Gardens & Walks (g on the map)

We ran out of time to really explore all the garden areas but we did have a quick walk through on our way out, but if you have time you can explore their acres of beautiful parkland.

We found the walk through aviary and these Japanese Gardens section which Holly loved.

Toilets and Baby Change Facilities

All the toilets we visited had dual toilet seats with both a normal seat and a childs seat built in which is great for those with smaller children.

The toilets are however quite spread out and I didn’t find the map particulary easy to navigate so best off making note of where they are early on.

Where can you eat at Paultons Park?

We were impressed by the amount of places you could eat, there are stalls and sit down seating areas all over the park.

We visit alot of parks and you know you’ll be paying a premium if you want to eat on park but this is one of the most expensive we’ve ever visited.

You can of course ou can of course take your own food but sometime’s its nice to not have to carry it round with you.

Peppa Pig World – Miss Rabbits Ice Cream Parlour, The Queens Kitchen & Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Cafe

It’s no surprise that the stalls in Peppa Pig World are packed with sweet treats but you can also head to either Daddy Pigs big tummy cafe or The Queens kitchen for some toasted sandwiches or pizza options.

Fish & Chips – Outside the entrance to Peppa Pig World

Our usual go to is the chip shop – this also had a big covered seating area opposite so perfect for a mid day sit down. And let’s collective pretend those calories aren’t listed right there , you’ll burn them all off walking round anyway right?

Tornado Springs – Tornado Treats, Route 83 Diner

Next to Storm Chaser you’ll find Tornado Treats with a whole load of Ice Creams, Doughnuts and Sundaes on offer.

Route 83 Diner also offers a sit down dining experience with both Breakfast and Lunch options.

Tornado Treats Snack Hut by Storm Chaser

Wild Forest family restaurant – By Main Entrance

Again Wild Forest offers sit down dining and a wide range of meal options.

Coffee Stop – Before you enter the park

Whether you need a coffee heading in, out, or both you’ll find the Coffee Stop just outside the main entrance with loads of hot drink and snack options.

The Pavillion – By the Splash pad / Lost Kingdom

By the Splash pad, again with lots of covered seating is The Pavilion offering lots of take away options.

Height Restrictions and Wristbands

It is well worth grabbing a wristband at the entrance for your childs height. It saves time with them having to be measured on every ride.

The height restrictions on some rides are a bit confusing at first, as they come with a height restriction but then also an age restriction.

Queues Times

If you download the official paultons park app it give you live queue times. Apparently.

These have to be the worst estimated wait time of any theme park I have ever visited. Lots said 10 minutes but we waited 20-30 minutes at least on every single one of them. It was disappointing as we were trying to stay out of the longest queues as Oscar was getting tired later in the day.

You’ll also find these electronic boards dotted around the park with ride times, offers and general advertising on.

A few other things to note


Paultons Park is cashless you will need a card to pay for your purchases.

Mobile Phone Charging

You will find this in the guest services by the main entrance. You have these little lockers where you can leave your phone to charge.

First Aid

If you are going to hurt yourself make sure you do it by the main entrance. Holly fell over when we were over in the Lost Kingdom and we asked where we could get a plaster and were told we would have to go all the way back to the main entrance!

Luckily a very kind guest saw Hollys knee was bleeding and gave us a plaster to cover it up.

Buggy Hire

We booked our stroller when we booked our tickets. A single is £10 and a double is £14 and it comes with a sun shade and handy pockets on the back. It will be tagged with your name so you know which one is yours. You collect these just to the left when you come through the main entrance.

Ride Photos

The only option they have other that buying individual photos / photo gifts is the 5 for £40 deal. You get 5 physical gifts – Keyring, Magnet or a printed photo and also the 5 photos digitally.

When you compare this to merlin who offer £20 for all your digital photos for the whole day (of up to 4 people) this is not a very good deal. We now have 5 magnets we didn’t really want just so we could get the digital images.

Never the less they have found a spot on the fridge along with my ransom note magnets but I do think a digital only option would be better.

Is Paultons Park worth visiting?

We had an amazing day out at Paultons Park. I do think you need a few days here, I’m not even sure just 2 would be enough to do everything that is on offer.

If you have younger children under 7 I would say 100% give it a visit. Or perhaps if you have some slightly older children who aren’t into ‘big’ rollercoasters then it’s a great park to visit.

I would say it’s most similar to Chessington or Drayton Manor in comparison of uk theme parks- but with a sole aim of the younger guests being the target audience and lots of family rides to enjoy.

I don’t think Chloe (12) or Lottie (11) would have much interest in visiting, now they are over 1.4m they are much more into Alton Towers or Thorpe Park.

Have you been to Paultons Park / Peppa Pig World? Let me know if you managed to do the whole park!

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