Simply Cook – The cheaper option for a meal subscription box

We know everything is getting more expensive at the moment so if you want to try out a meal subscription service without the massive cost then Simply Cook may be the one for you.

At the moment you can try your first box for FREE using my link : (and we get a free box too – yay!)

Once you have created an account you can also share your link to grab yourself some freebies.

Unlike some of the other boxes this one has a flat cost of £9.99 per box, postage is free.

Each box contains the dry ingredients recipe kits & recipe cards for 4 meals and is delivered by Royal Mail and is slim enough to fit through most letterboxes so you don’t even need to worry about being home.

Each kit contains 4 simple recipes and is enough for 2-4 people.

You can choose your recipes or let them pick different meals for you – I of course choose because of how fussy I am!

Dietary Requirements

They have delicious meal options that are vegetarian, gluten free and low calorie. These are clearly labelled so you can see them easily when you are searching through them.

My favourite part of these boxes is because you just get the dry ingredients you then buy your own fresh ingredients so I can just not buy the bits I know I won’t eat.

This makes me happy as I hate wasting food (although we do now have Olio to pass on things we don’t need!)

Our Simply Cook Box

Each box you receive will contain 4 individual boxes, each with 3 pots of dry ingredient in. You also get the recipe card with the instructions of how to cook the meal and a tear off shopping list for everything else you need.

You can also access all your previous recipes on the app by logging into your simplycook account.

We’ve had a few boxes previously but here is our latest box and recipe choices;

Vietnamese Pork

This is actually one of my favourite recipes and we must have had it 5 or 6 times now. We swap out the greens for Sugar snap peas or green beans depending on what we have to hand.

Firecracker Chicken Noodles

This flavour kit was one of the new recipes we tried out and I kid you not these were hotter than hell. They were not joking calling them ‘firecracker’ even Gaz said they were spicy and he LOVES spicy food.

This was a bit trickier to make and I would definitely only add half the spice next time (or make it for 4 of us so it wasn’t so strong)

Mexican Pulled Chicken

I love pulled pork so I was interested to see how this compared. It was really good!

Again I don’t like coleslaw so I just left that bit out and we forgot to get sweet potatos but white potatoes were fine.

Crispy Chilli Beef

Crispy Chilli Beef is one of my favourite things from the chinese so naturally I needed to see how this compared.

I’m not going to lie, my cooking is clearly not chinese take out level but it was pretty good. I’m sure it would be saving me a shed load of calories too so win-win!

Like with the other subscription boxes, once you’ve ordered your box it also saves all your recipes in the app (or online) so you can revisit them another time if you want too.

Would we recommend Simply Cook?

Yes we absolutely would! Its a great alternative to the more expensive boxes so this one is good value and a great way to try out new dishes. Especially if like me you hate wasting food which we often do with the other meal boxes

They are also much easier to take with us when we stay at our caravan (so they are great for self-catering holidays especially if they have small kitchens!) as we just add all the additional ingredients onto our click and collect delivery which makes the shopping / meal planning a lot quicker and easier and saves us money by not needing so many take aways due to poor planning.

And just a reminder you can try a FREE box with your first order with my link :

Let me know what meal kits you choose for your trial box in the comments or tag me over on social – @itsmechrissyj

We can’t wait for our next box – Happy cooking!

ChrissyJ xxx

And if you need anymore convincing take a look at the Simply Cook TV Advert below.

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