Strawberry and Prosecco Cake Kit from BakedIn

We love making cakes, I mean who doesn’t love cake?? BakedIn sure know how to look after us cake lovers

Strawberry flavoured anything is another of my favourites so when I saw this over on BakedIn I just had to grab one and it coincided it was also one of our caravan neighbours birthdays, so cake was required!

I wasn’t however equipped to bake at the caravan – luckily the kit includes foil disposable tins so you do have almost everything you would need to make the cake. I would recommend making sure you have a cooling rack and maybe a palette knife to do the buttercream icing.

We did skip the strawberries in the layers because the kids didn’t want them in the cake 😏 but I was impressed with the results – the sponge was super soft and tasted really good – the Prosecco syrup gave it a super sweet twist throughout the layers and buttercream

Everyone was impressed by the flavour and to be honest I was impressed I managed to make a cake at the caravan with none of my baking equipment! Maybe I will be slightly more organised next time and take some kit with me to make it a bit easier 🙂

Check out BakedIn here

Let me know if you get baking!

ChrissyJ xxx

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