TGI Fridays – Slimming world fail

I love TGI fridays. Well I love food in generally. But especially TGI Friday.

If you had to choose one single thing to live on for the rest of your life Jack Daniels chicken strips would win. Hands down. No competition. But with a whopping number of syns id imagine (I cant find the actual value posted anywhere – never a good sign) probably not great for the diet! This was however balanced out by the fact you can no longer have full fat coke on the refills 😒

Now I get its this sugar tax rubbish but I’m an adult. If I want to choose to rot my teeth and consume my body weight in sugar through my drinks preference surely that is my choice – but anyway thats a whole nother blog post – so Coke Zero it was and broccoli dipped in Jack daniels sauce – YUM

And no dessert – I salute people who manage 3 courses cos no way could I fit in anything more after a starter and main 🤢

Food was perfect as always and we won on the scan it win it too 😍

Let me know your thoughts!