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When I was younger there were so many things I thought were true…. and then there are things I tell my kids which aren’t exactly true either.

I’m sure this has to be one of the most common ones… When the Ice Cream Vans music is playing it means they have run out of Ice Cream! I 100% use this one on my own children even now.

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It’s spicy…

Another one of my favourites has to be.. oh you won’t like this, it’s spicy. No matter what it is, If I don’t want to share, it’s spicy!

And how cruise control meant the car would drive the car itself with no input from the driver… Which now may become an actual reality in the very near future!

Or that the clouds, sun and moon all moved and we just stayed still…. Which I guess isn’t so wrong, just the wrong way round.

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Age = wealth?

I thought that your age was a direct link to how much you got paid and that’s why only old people were rich…. And well let’s not even get into how badly wrong that one is…

Also If we were on a road trip and I switched the interior light on I would be arrested for breaking the law.

I didn’t however believe in father Christmas, the easter bunny or the tooth fairy, but I did believe in flower fairies and was convinced my nan had them living in the snow drops in her garden …. And I still believe it now, noone is going to convince me otherwise

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I believed eating the crusts on my bread would give me curly hair and until a few years ago I had to cut them off… just incase!

And that you pulled stupid faces and the wind changed you’d be stuck with it… Maybe this one was true after all #RBF (if you know you know)

I thought if I swallowed chewing gum it would stick to my lungs and I would die! God my parnets told me some awful things really didn’t they?

I’d love to know things you thought were true but actually aren’t so I’m not alone in feeling a little silly 😉 Drop them down in the comments below

ChrissyJ xxx

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