BakedIn Junior Baking Club Bakes – Our Review!

Warning : This post may cause hunger!!

We already love our BakedIn Baking and Bread boxes so when they launches the BakedIn Junior Baking Club we just knew we needed to try it out!

BakedIn Junior Baking Club

The Junior Baking Club is perfect for budding bakers everywhere. Our recipes are aimed at 5-11 year olds with easy to follow instructions to make bakes so delicious the whole family will want a slice… or two! Source : BakedIn Website

As with the other 2 boxes you will recieve a box each month which contains all the dry ingredients, a recipe card and any handy little extras you might need (usually baking paper and skewers!)

You can choose from a few different plans

  • Monthly – no minimum subscription – £14 per monthly box renews automatically every month but cancel anytime after your initial payment
  • 3 Months up front – £36 / £12 per monthly box – renews automatically every 3 months but cancel anytime after your initial payment
  • 6 Months up front – £57 / £9.50 per monthly box – renews automatically every 6 months but cancel anytime after your initial payment
  • 12 Months up front – £99/ £8.25 per monthly box – renews automatically every 12 months but cancel anytime after your initial payment

Our BakedIn Junior Baking Club Bakes

We got a freebie box which was some basic vanilla cupcakes and a free apron and you can read about it here but here our some of our bakes

Lemonade Cupcakes

Our first monthly bake was Lemonade Cupcakes. These were super easy to make and really tasty.

Holly loved putting the straws into the icing and the sprinkles on top!

The Lemonade cupcakes are Chloes Favourite Bake

Junkyard Blondies

This has to be one of the easiest ones we have done. We made it down at the caravan where we have very little space or tools, which just shows how easy it is to make!

You could definitely make this again with different toppings – Malteasers, chopped up mars bars, chocolate buttons or even halved Ferrero Rochers if you are feeling fancy!

Chocolate Rudolph Cake

This was one of the slightly more complicated bakes! Luckily baking cakes was something I did for a very long time so we soon knocked up this beautiful reindeer cake for our Christmas eve treat.

The Chocolate Rudolph cake is Holly and Lotties Favourite Bake

Chocolate Orange Cookies

We had some help from Amelia with these and they have a whole post dedicated to them here

The girls loved making these, they smell sooooo good and they didn’t last very long at all!

The Chocolate Orange Cookies are Oscars Favourite Bake (well more his favourite snack!)

Caramel Cookie Squares

This one has been really popular with the kids! I thought it was quite sickly but they soon finished them off. It also wasn’t as tricky as I expected to make.

Lottie took some to school and she said her friends loved them. The only thing we did find it they are really greasy so I did keep them on the kitchen roll to soak it up a little.

Neapolitan Cupcakes – July

These were so good, Chocolate and vanilla sponge with Strawberry Icing. The buttercream is flavoured with strawberry milkshake flavour so was super sweet! This kit also came with the piping nozzle.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Brownies – August

Me and Holly baked this one on our own. Chloe and Lottie are off at Summer camp for the week and Oscar went to bed so we got our bake on.

She loved helping me although she always loves to mix everything together so aggresively she ends up wearing half of it!

We really have enjoyed baking all these delicious treats and I have just resigned up for another 3 months so we can try out some more 🙂

One of our favourite things about these boxes is you also get all the ingredients on the back of the card so you can recreate these bakes as many times as you like.

Try it out for yourself here for £10 off your first order – you won’t be disappointed!

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