Travelling from Spain during Covid

We were more worried about travelling from Spain during covid than we were flying out. The last thing you need at the end of your holiday is to not be able to fly home!

The requirements at first glance look confusing but take your time, write it down if you find it easier to understand. Hopefully I can also help you feel more comfortable about travelling.

You can read our experience flying out here

Passenger Locator Forms

You will need to complete your UK passenger locator form within 48 hours of your return travel. You do this online via the site – Do not use any other site offering this service, especially for a fee, it is free to complete and you can do it yourself.

Completing this form is a requirement for every passenger, adult and child. You will need your flight information, including seat number, your passport information and your test numbers (see below)

Each adult must complete their own form, which is slightly inconvenient as it meant Gaz had a different QR code and form so we had to have them both available for check in.

You can however include someone under 18 years old who is travelling with you on your form, if you are staying together at the same UK address.

Lateral Flow Tests (Antigen)

If you’ve read our blog post about travelling to Spain you’ll already know we took our Lateral flow tests (antigen tests) with us.

Again this is a requirement for all passengers 12 years and over.

You can prebook these and take them with you OR most chemists offer them from €20, for peace of mind, taking them with you is probably the better option. You can not use NHS tests.

When you have done your test, your test provider will issue you a fit to fly certificate with the code you require for your passenger locator form.

We had to photograph our test and submit it, we were then issued a certificate as a PDF.

You will need this later, you can show it on your phone or print it off.

The test needs to be done within 3 days of your return travel.

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Masks / Face Coverings

You will be required to wear a mask on your transfer, in both the departure airport, during your flight and at the UK airport.

This is a requirement for everyone aged 6 and over unless medically exempt, they also ‘recommend’ it for those aged 3 to 5 however there was no chance of Holly keeping one on for more than a few minutes!

Please note the Spanish authorities do not accept the sunflower lanyard as proof of exemption so do check their rules here.

Checking In at the airport

Upon check in you will be asked for your passport, passenger locator form (the full form must be available so make sure you have it downloaded in full, screenshots or printed off) and your Vaccination proof (if double jabbed)

If you are double Vaccinated you will also need to have a PCR test within 2 days of returning to the UK.

The day you return is day 0 – so if you return on Monday, you must do the test before the end of Wednesday. If you return on Tuesday you have until the end of Thursday etc.

For those who aren’t / aren’t yet double Vaccinated you will also need a day 8 test and to isolate for 10 days following your arrival.

You can opt in to the test to release scheme and do a day 5 test to leave isolation early but there is an additional cost to this.

Passport Control in the UK

Fortunately our flight arrived quite late into Bristol (after midnight) and the queues at passport control were no longer than we experienced pre covid.

We were not asked to present our passenger locator forms but others were so do have this ready just in case.

Was it worth the extra checks?

This minor inconvenience is absolutely worth the opportunity to get a holiday.

As I said in our previous blog, make sure you check the requirements for travel, if you are worried speak to your travel provider.

I would also go for the printed option if you are worried you won’t have the correct things available as they are needed.

I’m sure most hotels would be happy to print off your paperwork if you ask. We did everything off our phones and that worked fine for us.

In summary Travelling from Spain during Covid back to the UK you will need;

Passenger Locator form :

Negative lateral flow tests & have your day 2 (and 8) tests booked : We used Chronomics but there are many others available via the site

Your Vaccination proof (if vaccinated) : You can get this from the NHS App

You can find all the current requirements here

I hope these posts have given you the confidence to travel again! Let us know where your next holiday will be too, we would love to know!

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