If you know me at all you will know I work…alot!! So to give myself a whole weekend off to go to Vfestival was a massive achievement for me!

But I did it and I wasn’t disappointed  (well only by a couple of acts!) Having never been to a festival before I had no idea what to expect! After seeing photos of knee deep mud and lots of drunk people fighting im not sure what made me want to be to be honest 🤔🤔

I didn’t book camping as that is way outside of my comfort zone! In hindsight staying would have been better to really soak up the atmosphere and be able to drink rather than having to drive home.

I arrived on Saturday and as i was VIP i got my wristband in the q-jump section and headed straight in after being searched and sniffer dog inspected! And then through the VIP area into the main arena and wow I was blown away with how big it was!!

I grabbed my Volt charger (lifesaver right there, honestly invest in the service if you are going – you just grab a charged portable charger, use it and when it runs out swap it for a fresh charged one – no more dead batteries!)

We already had a list of who was performing when so we headed over to the MTV stage and watched Fleur East while we waited on Sigala both of who were great!

Next up were years and years on the main stage so we had a walk round the funfair area whilst listening to them in the background

We did have intermittent rain all day and night but not enough to dampen our spirits!

ChrissyJ xxx

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