Vue Mini Mornings

We have known about Vue Mini Mornings for a while now but the more people I mention it to the more I realise it isn’t actually very well advertised!

Holly and Oscar were pretty excited when we told them we were going to the cinema. Oscars first visit ended in him sleeping the whole way through it so hopefully this outing will be more successful

What are Vue Mini Mornings?

Every Saturday and Sunday morning at participating Vue cinemas they do a showing called a ‘Mini Morning’. They also run it every day in the half term.

It’s much cheaper than a ‘normal’ ticket at just £2.49 per person if booked online (£7.99 for a standard ticket) or £3.49 if you book at the cinema.

Generally the film isn’t a brand new release but it’s a great way to introduce smaller children to the cinema without spending a whole stack of money! Especially if like us you aren’t sure whether they will manage a whole film.

They are really releaxed screenings with shorter than usual preshow trailers and adverts which is helpful too.

This week we went to see Dreambuilders which I have never seen or heard of but it was apparently released in 2020! It is also only 81 minutes long.


We did decide to get snacks at the Cinema because we had booked so last minute we didn’t have chance to grab any beforehand.

Our cinema has a big pick’n’mix selection, the usual popcorn, sweets, Ben & Jerrys Ice Creams, Hot Dogs and Nachos.

We had 2 childrens boxes (Drink, Popcorn and a small bag of Haribo in a handy little tray) and we had a Large popcorn and drink between us and it came to £18.76.

Looking at the calorie contents of the popcorn sizes the kids box contains approx 1/4 of the large popcorn to give you an idea of how much you are getting.

We paid £9.96 for the tickets so in total for the 4 of us it was still under £30. Still saving ourselves over £3 on the cost of 4 standard tickets without snacks!

If you want to make your trip even cheaper why not take your own popcorn? Our kids love making popcorn in the microwave and we just pop it in a tupperware box. The people in front of us virtually had a whole picnic between them!

So.. are the Vue Mini Mornings a hit?

Oscar actually sat really well through it, other than a toilet break half way through. Holly on the other hand was bouncing around and then declared she was too scared to watch and climbed on my lap.

They both said they enjoyed it so that is the main thing and Oscar was super excited to have watched the MASSIVE tv.


We finished our little trip out with a Nandos (which for us in Worcester is next door to the Vue). After all the popcorn Holly and Oscar didn’t want much but they do love Nandos.

If you use Airtime rewards for cashback Nandos offer 1% on orders up to £29.99 and 5% on orders over £30 so a little bit extra back there too!

Have you tried Mini Mornings? Let me know!

ChrissyJ xxx

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