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Whether you just want to top up your income or need a bit of cash to put toward a specific thing here are 5 little ways you can earn extra money (or save a bit!). I love making and saving money wherever possible so here are just a few of the things I do to bring in some extra cash when needed


One of my favourite ways to get some free money – obviously it’s only ‘free’ if you were going to make the purchase anyway, as Martin Lewis would say! But if you are making purchases online then Top Cash Back is a great place to start. You can download the app or use the website to search their database of online stores that offer cash back deals, once you have signed up, you can also opt in to get their email with any cash back boost offers that are running (especially around black Friday!)

You can register for Top Cash Back here

Another one that takes a bit less organisation is Airtime rewards – with this one you register your cards and every time you use your card in one of the stores that offers cash back it will add this to your account. This can then be used to pay your phone bill. They do have a smaller pool of retailers that take part but well worth registering, we’ve had over £100 off our phone bills just from shopping (mainly in Primark, HelloFresh and Halfords for us!)

You can download Airtime rewards from your App store and if you use code ENG4BVGP you will get a bonus when you spend on your card within 7 days 🙂

Selling old stuff

Have you got things hanging around you could be rid of? Old clothes, furniture, baby stuff, even old toys! ebay is the main place people think of to sell things they no longer want but there are so many more options these days.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell things locally, there are no fees and you can put your location so people will know you are local so they can collect from you (or you can of course offer delivery) You can also now hide your listings from your friends so if you are selling something you were gifted, tick that box and they will never know!

Vinted in another platform where you can sell unwanted clothing and accessories. They do have a delayed payment process meaning the funds are held until the buyer receives the goods to help protect everyone. But you can then spend your balance on Vinted or withdraw it to your bank, which can take up to 5 working days.

Of course you could also opt for a good old fashion boot sale, if getting up at 5am to load the car and drive to a field and set up for the day is your thing, we used to have to do them every other weekend with my nan and aunt and they can be lucrative if you get the right crowd on the day but they can also be a bit hit and miss. A quick google or search on facebook for local car boots should help you locate one near to you.

Find a side hustle

Are you crafty or creative? Can you knit, sew or draw?

Etsy is a great place to start, its a ready built marketplace full of customers wanting handmade good. You can sign up here and get your first 40 listings free. I find it really simple to use but be prepared for around 15% of your product cost to be taken up with Etsy fees, so make sure you work those costs into your product so you are still making a profit. Make sure you take good clear images for your listings and if you are able too then adding a short video (they are also muted so don’t worry about background noise!) can help bump your listing up the rankings. You can also add keywords to help customers find your products so it’s worth spending a little time thinking about and researching what people would be searching for when shopping for what you sell.

Again you can also use ebay and Facebook marketplace for this but I do find Etsy customers are more inclined to spend that bit more knowing something has been hand made/ hand crafted.

Or maybe you aren’t so creative but you have a passion for make up, skincare, weight loss or even candles!

There are hundred of direct sales companies you can join and earn a % commission from sharing their products with your friends and family. You’ll also get discounted products for yourself so make sure you choose a brand this would be a benefit to you.

Ann Summers and The Body Shop are both well know brands on the high street and in Direct sales. Younique, Oriflame, Avon and Urban Retreat are cosmetic and skincare companies. Usbourne Books sells children’s and teen books, great if you have connections to nurseries or schools.

If you are feeling creative you could even start your own print on demand business – you don’t need to hold stock, you can buy thousands of ready to print designs on platforms such as Design Bundles and its free to get started on Printful

Become an affiliate

You might think only celebs and influencers can earn money from promoting products, but you would be wrong! You are probably familiar with the #Ad posts they put up. But actually anyone can be an affiliate, most companies have some sort of affiliate scheme, whether it is direct through them or through an affiliate company like AWIN. You can connect with big brands (New Look, Clarks, Haven, Currys PC World and many many more) You can apply to whatever fits what you want to talk about.

Click here to go to AWIN

Become a blogger!

I know lots of you love reading them, but how about writing one? Travel, parenting, photography, craft, DIY, the topics are endless and I can guarantee someone out there will want to read about what you have to say! You can also use a combination of the above to help you generate an income. You will find affiliate links within my blog posts when I am talking about or reviewing a product and I earn a small % if purchases are made through those links.

There are lots of groups on facebook to help you get started too and I would recommend Top Blog Coaching they offer lots of free hints and tips but also have a members group where you will find specific training on growing a blog and earning an income from it.

And a bonus option is becoming a Virtual Assistant, you can find out more from Jen here

I hope you’ve found 5 ways to earn extra money helpful and let me know if you start a blog so I can give it a follow 🙂 Don’t forget to like this post or leave me a comment below and feel free to share this blog on your socials too!

ChrissyJ xxx

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