Wheres my girl???

After waiting for 10 years and after having 3 baby boys I finally had a baby girl in 2010! I was so happy, although until she was physically in my arms and confirmed to be a girl I didn’t actually believe I was having one!! I was so excited, all the pink things, dance lessons, gymnastics, barbies, dolls ooooooooh I was sooooooo pleased I’d finally got my little pink bundle of joy!

So fast forward a few years and we currently have a bedroom full of Aston Villa logo’d stuff including a full Aston Villa junior kit, we’ve tried and failed with dance and gymnastics classes and this morning she finally joined a football school!

She didn’t care she was the only girl there, and the boys were non the wiser that it was seen as a ‘boy’ sport. The look on her face and the thumbs up she gave after every kick of the ball was enough for me to realise that the girl/boy divide is ridiculous and they should be allowed to do what they like, she likes football (and Villa like her dad unfortunately!) And why not? just because she is a girl? The coaches were great and she can’t wait to go again 🙂

Just such a shame that women’s football isn’t viewed in the same way as mens football, cos I think we have a mini Beckham in the making!

You can find their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/FootieBugsWorcestershire

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