Winning the tooth brushing battle!

I don’t know about anyone else but my girls are so different when it comes to brushing their teeth!

Chloe would brush her teeth a hundred times a day if I let her, Lottie however, you’d think I’d asked her to chew a frog….

So when I saw this pop up (I think it may have been a sponsored post, well played there Habox!) I knew I needed to give it a try

What you receive for 8 & 9 year olds

They each recieved a box with their name on and each one contained

Disclosure tablets

A bamboo toothbrush (I paid extra to have them personalised also)


A sand timer with a suction pad to stick it to your wall

A wipeable brush chart and pen

We started off with the tablets (much to the disgust of them both as apparently they were gross – I’m fairly sure they were fibbing slightly as they don’t really taste of anything!)

When I showed them the results they were quite shocked when I explained what it meant to have so much dye on your teeth (although they were slightly distracted by their bring pink tongues!🤦‍♀️)

We are over a week in now and they’ve filled out their charts and they love using their little timers

My only little niggle is I wished theyd given a colour choice on the tooth brush bristles as my princess (Lottie) got a white one and my pirate (Chloe) got a pink one which she pulled a face at

Hopefully it’s the start of winning the brushing battle!

You can find out more HERE

Will update in a few weeks how we are getting on!

Much Love ChrissyJ

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