Winning the toothbrushing battle – Habox box 2

Our girls loved their first Habox so we have continued with our subscription for another box.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the 2nd box, but thankfully they have mixed it up so you don’t just receive the exact same things

The 2nd box for the bigger 2 including a new personalised toothbrush (again we couldn’t choose the colours which is a shame because Chloe is so fussy!) Toothpaste, disclosing tablets and this time we have floss sticks (much to their fascination!)

9 & 10 yr olds boxes

Hollys toddler box had a cute little mask in place of the floss sticks although she now doesn’t ever want to take it off, especially not to have to brush her teeth! We are keeping hold of it incase we need it for our next holiday

Habox toddler mask

Chloe loves the timer that came with box 1 (it has a little suction pad to stick it to the wall) and its definitely encouraging them to brush their teeth more, as did a little telling off from the dentist after a recent visit.

Want to give it a try? Grab yours Here and use code HABOX50 to get your first one half price!

You can find out more about our first box here

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