World of Country Life

During our time at Devon Cliffs we visited World of Country Life on one of the sunny days we had.

The girls love it and I would highly recommend it if you are local or staying at Haven

When you arrive you enter through the cutest little museum around farming through the years, all the machinery and processes they have used in the past and even a little walk through victorian village. If you visit during Easter or Halloween they do little treasure hunt trails in here for the children to receive a gift at the end. 

They run sessions throughout the day and the girls got to feed the lambs their milk, I love this photo of Lottie, she was in love with them all.

World of country life lamb feeding
World of country life lamb feeding

They also have sessions where you can take the goats for a walk (well the goats took them for a walk 😂) Some of them are very lively and were quite a challenge for the smaller children to hold onto

World of country life goat walking
World of country life goat walking

Lottie also loved that she was able to cuddle baby guinea pigs.. cue lots of questions about when we can have some pets. Not right now Lottie, not right now!

World of country life guinea pig cuddles

And in the middle of the park is this amazing play area with a giant pirate ship! It is in the middle of a giant sandpit which is a great soft landing for the smaller ones. There is also a soft play area and an outside playground if the weather is good. 

World of country life pirate ship

World of Country Life summary

You could easily spend all day at World of Country Life, there are various activities across the day including the bird of prey show, animal feeds, ferret racing and of course cuddling the babies. They do also have a cafe on site which sells lots of yummy food!

There is also a little train that runs into the fields where you can pet and feed some of the larger animals. But don’t make the mistake of going when it has been raining as they love to shake off right next to you and you will end up covered in mud as we did! The girls thought it was hilarious, but us not so much.

World of country life map

If you decide to visit we hope you have a great day

ChrissyJ xxx

Let me know your thoughts!