5 Haven Holiday Activities to try

Although numbers are limited on each session at the moment due to covid restrictions you can still enjoy plenty of activities on your haven holiday.

All of these activities have an additional cost and you will need to purchase play passes/be on a Haven Holiday stay and play break to be able to book

Bungee Trampoline – £5 Per person*

Who doesn’t love bouncing on a trampoline? We’re certain your little ones will love a bouncing on a bungee trampoline – where with the help of a bungee cord they can go as high as they wish. 

Participants must weigh at least 19kg and bee 4 yrs+. Socks must be worn. 5 Minute Session

Our girls always want to go on this, they are slowly working up their bounce height to be able to do a front or back flip but they aren’t quite brave enough yet!

Target shooting

Archery – £10 Per person*

Got a strong arm and steady eye? Why not become a bowman? With help from our expert instructors you’ll be firing like Robin Hood in no time. So, keep your eye keen, draw back that bow and let’s hit the bullseye!

Wear supportive and no open-toed shoes. Children must be supervised by an adult (18yrs+)and be over 6yrs. Supervising adult doesn’t need to book a session.

We love these sessions, the entertainments team always make it fun. They usually turn it into a game to bake a cake or make a pizza by hitting the different colours on the target and of course there is always a head to head for the highest score for the more competitive participants!

Pedal Bikes/ Go Karts

Pedalos – £12 per boat*

Drift slowly across the water in a pedalo; it’s so simple to control, you can go forwards, backwards, left and right. Everyone in the family is welcome, so zip up your jackets and get all involved in the paddling. Each Pedalo seats up to 4 people.

The life jackets provided must be worn by all under the age of 16yrs. Children must be accompanied and supervised in the boat by an adult (18yrs+).

Climbing – £10 Per person

Have a head for heights? Feeling adventurous? Our climbing wall will not only test your bravery, it’s a great workout too. Build your strength, endurance and flexibility in this great activity.

Please wear clothing with room to move and no bits that could catch, shoes that support, and no open-toed shoes. Please tie hair back – 7yrs +

Segways – £12 Per person*

Level 1 : Your junior racers will soon be weaving in and out of obstacles on the Ninebot miniPRO Segways. Let our instructors help them master these amazing Segways on our fantastic sports courts or suitable all-weather surface. Wear supportive and no open-toed shoes. Participants must be between 20kg-100kg, over 6yrs and must be at least 1.2m tall to take part in this activity.

Level 2 : For those of you who have mastered the basics of riding our Junior Segway, why not try our next level session? Our friendly instructors will help you to improve your balance and mobility. You’ll soon be ready to take on other riders in some friendly games.  We recommend you book Junior Segways Stage 1 if you haven’t rode Junior Segways before. Wear supportive and no open-toed shoes. Participants must be between 20kg-100kg, over 6yrs and must be at least 1.2m tall to take part in this activity.  

Chloe is a little pro on these now, Lottie is still a little bit wobbly but they both really enjoy doing this sessions, depending which session you get onto they do take it slow to learn how to use them and then move on to team races when they are more confident.

We do have to limit the girls every time we go or we would end up spending a fortune but we do love seeing them having fun

ChrissyJ xxx

* owners and privilege card holders get 50% off these prices

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