How To Excel As A Working Parent

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Since 2001 (which feels depressingly long ago), the percentage of having two working parents in a single household has risen remarkably. Whether due to the rising cost of living or general attitudes towards multiple working parents – or a little of both – this shows an interesting trend. Despite this, it can be a little tricky to balance life as a working parent, but it is still possible to excel and make sure you succeed in your career and with your family. 

Make Yourself Accessible 

It’s hard to leave the kids when heading to the office, but if the nonsense of the past two years has taught you anything, you should know that you can be more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re working your way up the ladder or have started to run a business, you have the opportunity to work from home so you’re always available for your kids when they need you the most. Although you can’t spend all day with them, the fact that you’re close enough will be reassuring for you and for them, too, and if there are any emergencies, you can get to them as quickly as possible.

Confirm Your Responsibilities

It’s tricky to balance the demands of work and parenting, and you may be expected to stretch yourself too thin along the way. This is not good for your career or your kids, and it can even affect your mental and physical well being/ therefore, you must confirm your responsibilities and establish your priorities to ensure you do not become overwhelmed. Many businesses have become more malleable to the fact that parents need to be there for their kids, so outlining your parental demands as soon as possible can allow you to leave early or come in late on certain days. 

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Build a Strong Support Network 

You cannot do it all by yourself, and there may be some days where you need to stay late or attend to an emergency at the office. You don’t want to leave your kids alone, especially if they are young, so a support network will take the pressure off. If you have parents or relatives who live close by, they can take over babysitting duties. You can also work out a routine with your partner to share household duties, such as cooking dinner, getting the kids ready for bed, and cleaning, to make sure all the responsibility does not fall entirely to one of you. 

Don’t Miss the Moments

It is easy to get tunnel vision when working. You are doing all you can to earn money and help your family, but this means you might miss out on the big moments. You shouldn’t sacrifice seeing your child succeed just for a job, so don’t feel guilty when taking time off for a family holiday or attending events where your kids are the star of the show. This is a crucial part of work-life balance, and it’s something all working parents must remember. 


Whether you’re working full-time or prefer to pick up small jobs on the side, it is possible to excel as a working parent. But, it still takes some getting used to as you organise your life between two things that are undoubtedly essential. By considering these ideas, you’ll have no trouble making the most of your situation and make sure you never miss a thing.

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