Another Patpat delivery

Another day, another patpat delivery!

If you haven’t heard about Patpat, they are an online fashion brand. It was founded in 2014 and has increased in popularity ever since.

Bit of a mix this time, matching sets for me and girls. Matching tshirts for daddy and Oscar. Lots for the girls and one for me, Gaz, Lottie, Holly and Oscar (Chloe wont wear dresses and they didn’t have any tshirts in bigger sizes left)

We had to buy this top for them both as Gaz has been creating our new garden including putting up a decking area, complete with covered sand pit. Raised beds for me and the girls to plant our vegetables and replacing the slabs along the house. He’s been very busy! and Oscar has been helping/hindering him throughout the day.

I got Gaz and Oscar these cute American flag swim shorts in the hope they can wear them in Florida in August.

Me and the girls have matching tropical palm print bikinis.

We are loving this site for clothing and I am reusing the bags everything comes in to send out my own products. So if I send you something and it comes in a PatPat delivery bag just know I am reusing them!

Can’t wait to share some photos of all of these

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ChrissyJ xxx


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