Bandai Toy Bundle Review

In return for submitting an activity post for the #31DaysOfActivities post over on Kiddy Charts, we were gifted this fabulous Bandai toy bundle! Holly was super excited to have her first go at a toy vlog too!

Timber Tots Tree House

This one was definitely the favourite! I used to have one of these when I was little too and I remember playing with it for hours.

Holly really liked the little people and hiding them away in the little bush shape chair and oushing them round in their car. She said the characters were really cute and it had lots of things to do!

Oscar liked putting the person in the lift and making it go up and down. It took him a few attempts to work it out but look at the concentration on his face.

Timber tots tree house is super easy to put together, you do have to put all the stickers on the room diveders, the floor and the table but it didn’t take too long.

The set includes 2 Characters, 10 accessories including a car, swing, table, chairs and beds and it all fits inside when the tree top is popped down for easy storage.

This is suggested as suitable for ages 2 to 6 years old.


Holly has grown out of Cocomelon now but Oscar was really excited to get his hands on this one!

With 5 pages of Cocomelon scenes, each with its own song. You’ve got “Old MacDonald”, “YesYes Bedtime”, “Yes Yes Vegetables”, the “Thank you” song and the “Bath Song”! and you even have a tethered J.J. to help keep your place in the book.

The book is super soft and each ‘page’ has a pocket to tuck J.J into, More importantly if you have had enough of listening to it, in the spine of the book you’ll find an ‘off’ button!

This is suggested as suitable for ages 18 months plus


We received Cosmic Kawaii and Yummy All Over from this range.

The idea with these is you can create fashion designs without cutting or gluing. The mannequin bodies have spaces for you to push the fabric in to so you don’t have to stitch anything.

Lottie and Holly spent ages creating their masterpieces, the only downside was it came with lots of tiny pieces (little bows and accessories) and nothing to store them in.

Holly said this was her favourite toy and she liked that Lottie could help her play with this one.

This is suggested as suitable for ages 6 years and over.

They were all really pleased with what they receieved and that they had the chance to be on the blog (and shortly I will post Hollys Vlog on YouTube when I have edited it!)

Thank you again to Bandai for this lovely Bandai toy bundle.

ChrissyJ xxx

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