Busy doing nothing?

Hands up if you are guilty of always being busy doing nothing? Yep me too!

Sometimes I get so consumed with doing ‘all the things’ that I actually achieve very little which is frustrating when you feel exhausted from being so busy all the time!

When I start forgetting to follow my DMO or stop filling in my daily / weekly planner it’s really easy to fall into the trap of actually doing a big fat lot of nothing

Even while writing this post I had Facebook open, checking my Pinterest views, responding to emails, boxing up parcels and chatting on Whatsapp. I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

Not to mention also being interrupted by not one, not even two, but three separate deliveries! And each one knocks me off my train of thought and I have to start again. Fortunately my husband is normally home to deal with them but he is out doing my post office drop offs and food shopping so we don’t all starve to death or live off Deliveroo this week!

How can I stop myself being busy doing nothing?

I can across this fab blog called Women Who Win At Life run by Lisa and she shared this great little checklist to work out whether you are just busying yourself or actually being productive!

It may sound really obvious but with our busy lives its easy to slip into the ‘busy’ category without even really realising you have done it.

This is a great starting point if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the things at the moment (and it’s ok to be, these are not normal times for any of us!)

Busy doing nothing 
Women who win at life blog

Oh there goes the doorbell again! Nothing like the delivery guys (and gals) to make you feel popular! I’m off to put the above in to practice and get my week on track!

Let me know how you get on with this little task and if you helped you in anyway 🙂

ChrissyJ xxx

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