DMO – What are they? And why do I need one?

You could have a DMO without even knowing it… You wake up, get up, probably brush your teeth, make a cuppa, get dressed, maybe do the school run and then off to work, whether that’s back home or off to an actual workplace! You will have done this same routine, over and over so many times that its probably second nature and you don’t even think about it anymore!

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How will a DMO help me?

Ok you are probably thinking and how is this related to my business?!

This is exactly where you want to be, doing a set process of tasks, every single day, that move your business forward and eventually get to the point you do them without even thinking about it! #IYGWIM

But most of us (yes me included!) sort of muddle through the day thinking – I must do this, only to get distracted by that and before you know it you are watching cat videos on YouTube – Yep we have all been there!

The best way to do this is start with a DMO

DMO stands for, “daily method of operation” and acts as a daily schedule of certain tasks you should be doing daily in your business to promote growth and keep making more money –

Source: › dmo-daily-method-of-operation

So as I said, it’s basically making a routine you can follow every day to get closer to where you want to be!

This can include things like

  • post on your social medias, break this down to each one – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc
  • Following up on leads
  • Check stock
  • Place or process your customers orders
  • Connecting with new or existing friends/customers/potentials
  • Fitting in time for personal development

Depending on your business you may not need all of the above, or you may have other things that are important to your business – maybe you need to update your joining offers? speak to your affiliates or even complete your companies training sessions!

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can bag a free copy of my template DMO by joining my mailing list >> here <<  There are 2 copies of each in both ready to print PDF and an editable version for you to make your own

Alongside my DMO I also have a weekly desk planner where I write down the things that need to be done on certain days – For example if there is a national day coming up I’ll add that to my weekly planner so I know to slot this in on my DMO posts – You can find lots of these on Etsy from A5 to A4 size depending on what suits you (and more importantly what fits on your desk!) Here are some examples of what I mean

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