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We were so excited to be invited to the Grand opening of Code Ninjas Cheltenham on Saturday.

The girls were super excited to come along to their first blogging assignment with me.

A bubbly reception greeted us on arrival (and some not so bubbly tea and coffee for us drivers!) and all the cake you could eat (and eat cake I certainly did)

After being welcomed in, the girls headed straight for the VR experience. Ollie (The owners Dafydd and Mels son) was on hand to help set it up.

Lottie was riding a virtual rollercoaster and Chloe was playing Beat Saber (Check it out on YouTube here)

Next they went off to check out the computer room where the classes are held, today they were set up with Minecraft and Roblox for the kids to have some fun on but all the lessons are taught though play here with both these games having a leading role in helping the students learn and understand code.

Lottie prefers Roblox and Chloe prefers Minecraft! Personally I’m not too sure what is going on in either maybe I should stay for some classes too?

They also had this little gadget that they had built – it’s a robot with 2 cameras built into it and it can solve a Rubiks cube all on its own (Pretty clever because I’m a real person and I can’t even solve these!)

They also had a 3D printer running and I could just sit and watch these all day long they are fascinating how they work. Oh and did I mention the cute ninja cupcakes? Delicious!

Bands for level advancements

There was also a wheel of fortune game and both the girls managed to win goodie bags filled with frisbee’s, mouse mats, magnets, mugs and sweets.

What did Chloe and Lottie think?


I had a really good time at the grand opening event because, there was a VR zone with Oculus headsets and lots of computers also the Sensei’s (assistants) were really helpful and knew a lot! They helped us when we needed help on the games. I am looking forward to going to Code Ninjas again.


I enjoyed Code Ninjas Cheltenham because they can teach you how to make a game and upload it onto the app store. Today they let us play around on the VR and in the computer room on Minecraft and Roblox. They also had cupcakes, brownies and cookies Yum!

They also had Sensei’s that helped you if needed it. We were the first ones there so we got a go on everything first. My favourite thing was playing Roblox. You could use their guest accounts or sign in on your own.

They have stages like in karate from white belt to black belt but instead of belts you get bracelets. Overall I really liked it and would 100% like to go again.

Firstly I know a lot of you will be asking… so what even is coding?

Coding (or computer programming) is the skill of building and editing computer programmes (including apps and games).

With the world becoming ever more digital this is a skill that is going to become more of a requirement than a luxury to our future generations.

Your children can start by learning how to create modifications in their favourite games such as Minecraft and Roblox but the opportunities of what they could create are endless.

So Who are Code Ninjas Cheltenham?

You’ll find Code Ninjas Cheltenham located inside a brand new luxury purpose built area in Gloucester College. There is free parking on site and parents are welcome to stay and make use of the work pods or drop and go!

Code Ninjas offers a safe and secure place for 7 to 14 year old to learn and practise their coding skills with the supervision from the Code Sensei’s. Learning is done by incorporating play through popular games such as Minecraft and Roblox.

In Code Ninjas CREATE, kids have a blast building awesome video games and developing ninja coding skills on the path from white to black belt.

Our fun programme lets kids ages 7-14 learn to code year-round at their own pace! Drop-in at your convenience during weeknight and weekend hours


Learn to code and have a blast while building awesome video games.
Create, play, and learn at your own pace as you gain ninja skills in coding, robotics, and problem solving.
Advance from white to black belt and receive colour-coded wristbands to mark your achievements.
Get support and encouragement from Code Senseis® in our state-of-the-art dojo.
Drop-in at your convenience during weeknight and weekend student hours.


They work through a wide range of coding skills and have a grading system, similar to martial arts belts, but you get a coloured bracelet instead.

They also run camps during the holidays including this one in October so it would be a great way to try it out.

The girls can’t wait to come back and do their first lesson and we will of course keep you updated on their progress

You can find out more here or follow them on Facebook here

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If you aren’t local to Cheltenham check where your nearest centre is here

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