December Beauty Box Reveals

December beauty box LoveLula

Wow can you believe it is December already? A whole year of beauty boxes done! So for this last reveal of 2021 I have the December Beauty Box from Glossybox, Birchbox, Love Lula, Look Incredible, Cohorted and LookFantastic

I have now added in where products were made (if the info is available on the packaging) as I know some people are trying to keep to UK brands I will also include the RRP if this was included in the box.


Glossybox costs between £11.75 and £13.25 depending on your subscription choice

This months ‘box’ actually comes in a beautiful Celestial collectors tin, I much prefer when they boxes come in something that you can reuse (theres only so many pink glossyboxes you can make use of!) I will certainly be keeping this for ‘things’

In the December Beauty Box we have

Spectrum Collections  
Face Brush B08 Magic Wand RRP £8.99

I do have another spectrum brush, it must have come in another box but I do love it for blending its super soft and fluffy just like this one. It’s great that they’ve included a brush to go with the next item.

Lasplash Cosmetics 
Midnight Glow Face Palette 4 x 2.8g RRP £25 – Made in P.R.O.C – Cruelty Free

This palette includes 2 blushers, 1 highlighter and 1 bronzer, although I would just use them all as eyeshadows. The packaging is really cute with metallic moons and stars. They are pretty big pans so you would get lots of use out of it.

Keratin hair mask 50ml RRP £5 – Made in EU

The instructions say to use after a keratin shampoo, I don’t think mine would be so not sure how well this wold work on it’s own especially on my coloured hair but we will try it out. It smells REALLY good

Super food glowing primer moisturiser Deluxe Mini 20ml RRP £15 (Full size 60ml RRP £39) Made in England

We see Elemis every month in at least one box so it’s no surprise to see it again in this months Glossybox! However if you do the math to me this mini is only worth £13?

Retinol under eye patch RRP £1.95 – Made in Korea – Cruelty Free

This pack contains a pair of eye patches – I actually don’t mind eye patches although i’m not keen on full face sheets, so I will be trying these out.

and an extra treat
Bon Parfumeur 
Perfume Sachets 1ml (scent varies by box) – Made in Paris – Full Size 100ml RRP £74

Cost of box : £11.75 / £13.25 depending on your subscription
Total Value : £55.94 (+ the perfume sample)


Birchbox costs between £12.12 and £13.95 depending on your subscription choice.

The December Birchbox is also in an alternative packaging like the Glossybox which has made me super happy! Birchbox has opted for a lovely drawstring travel make up bag.

In the December Beauty Box we have

Original Nipple Balm 8ml £6.99 (Full Size) – Zero plastic packaging

This product contains 100% lanolin and if you’ve ever breastfed you’ll recognise this product as it is what is recommended for cracked nipples! So it is the same concept but for your lips (or nips I suppose!) It is suitable for dry skin anywhere on the body.

More Brows Fibre Gel Light-Medium Brown 2ml £13 – Made in Taiwan

This tube is SO SMALL I can’t even open it with my nails! It’s way too light for me anyway so in the gifting box it goes!

Philip Kingsley 
Moisture Balancing Conditioner 20ml £20.50 – Made in UK

Another brand we see in a lot of these boxes – I do use a few of these products since finding them in boxes so it’s great they are included. Having bleached and coloured hair finding a good conditioner is so tough so I am interested to see how this one does

Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion 50ml £4.29 – Made in the USA

Another one I’ve had a few samples of! Dry skin isn’t really something I have to deal with very often so I don’t get to make much use of them but it smells lush and is silky smooth on your skin.

Almond Delicious Hands Hand Cream 30ml £16.50 – Made in France

Cost of box : between £12.12 – £13.95 depending on subscription
Total Value : £61.28


The LoveLula box is between £12.71 – £19.95 depending on your subscription choice.

In the LoveLula box you will also find a 20% off voucher for a further purchase the products in the box valid until the 10th of the following month.

LoveLula is a little beauty box with a big heart, using 100% recyclable packaging – They insist on all products in the box containing NO Parabens, NO SLS’s and NO animal testing.

In the December Beauty Box we have

PHB Ethical Beauty 
2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash 300ml – Made in the UK – Vegan & Cruelty Free

The size of this product is awesome, you don’t often get this much of a single product in a subscription box so I love this! The packaging is 100% recyclable the lid is made of a bamboo material and they donate 20% of their profits to charity.

Balm Balm
Frankincense Light Facial Oil 30ml – Made in England – Cruelty Free

This face oil contains Frankincense to rejuvenate and Grapefruit to refresh. Can be used day or night.

Brightening AHA Peel Mask 17ml – Made in Latvia – Recycled packaging

Although it says it is a ‘peel’ mask which to me means it dries and you peel it off, it does say you just rinse it off so that was disappointing!

Time Miracle Hydra Firm Hyaluron Concentrate Jelly 15g – Made in Latvia

Hydrating and firming, oil free jelly. Not much more info on the packaging

The Castilian Soap Company
Natural Castile Soap with Rosemary 250ml – Made in the England – Vegan & Cruelty Free

This has the same manufacturing address as the Balm Balm oil, although they are not the same company. It is a liquid hand soap and it actually smells quite nice.

Cost of box : between £12.71 – £19.95 depending on subscription
Total Value : £51 (Value given as a single total from LoveLula)


The Look Incredible box is £35 month on a rolling monthly contract, so no commitments cancel at any time and only ever includes full sized products – no samples here!

The box always comes in the same flip top black box (I really like these for storing things they are super sturdy!)

I do find this is the box which contains the most mainstream brands

In the December Beauty Box we have

9G Oh My Gorg Artistry Palette 13.5g £12 – Made in China

The colours in this palette are really autumnal I love them. There is a mix of sparkle and matte shades all with fashion inspired names such as ‘head shot’ and ‘strut’. The palette is a good side, you could easily take it with you in a handbag.

Maxi Lash Waterproof Mascara 8.5ml £29 – Made in France

Black mascara in a beautiful silver case – straight wand – not much else you can say about a black mascara!

Too Faced 
Lip Insurance Glossy Lip Primer 4g £19 – Made in USA

Reading the box it appears this is a lip primer, to be used before lipstick or gloss is applied. It feels quite thick but it’s not sticky at all.

Queen of Hungary Mist 50ml £30 – Made in Hungary

This refreshing face mist is for spritzing as and when you need a refresh. It has rose in it so this will be going in my to be gifted box!

Paco Rabanne
Toiletry bag – £20

Cost of box : £35
Total Value : £110


The Cohorted box is £39.99 a month and in my opinion has the best cost to value ratio!

In the December Beauty Box we have

You might notice there is a bit of a theme to this month box – It’s 100% Rodial products. I get Rodial in a few of the boxes so I am familiar with the brand but it is super expensive and you usually get the smallest samples so I am looking forward to using this complete set for a few weeks to see whether it’s actually any good!

Retinol Booster Drops £80

Vitamin C Energising Cellulose Sheet Mask Set £42

Vitamin C Brightening Mask £34

Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser £39

Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel £19

All of these are made in the UK other than the face sheets which are made in Korea. Rodial is a cruelty free brand and the drops and cleanser are also Vegan.

Cost of box : £39.99
Total Value : £214

December Beauty Box Round Up

I was surprised to receive a whole box of Rodial products from Cohorted as this is the box I look forward to the most as it has the best selection of products. I am keen to try these products now though to see whether an expensive skincare regime actually makes much difference!

Birchbox I feel was the least interesting this month and do think they could do with upping their prices just a little and being able to offer a better selection of products. The bag is cute but the drawstring isn’t great and I can’t imagine it will last very long.

The Glossybox tin is beautiful and I will 100% be keeping that and putting in a brush with the palette was a good idea.

I’m not really sure which one was my favourite box this month, overall I have a really good selection of products to try but also quite a few to add to my gifted giveaways box for the New year!

See you all in 2022

ChrissyJ xxx

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