Diggerland Devon has Reopened!

We visited Diggerland Devon back during covid in August 2020 and we had such a great time we were really sad to see it close toward the end of last year. They were due to close for the foreseeable future due to the difficult time the impact of coronavirus caused and loss of business. Although it was quite busy when we went! All the the remaining diggerland parks are too far for us to travel.

But it finally reopened in the Summer of 2022 and we can’t wait to go back! Devon is the closest of the diggerland sites to us. Although this won’t be as in depth of some of my usual blogs (As I wasn’t blogging back when we visited) I wanted to show you some of the different rides that you can do at Diggerland Devon.

Where is Diggerland Devon?

Just off Junction 27 if you are travelling Southbound or 28 if you are travelling Northbound on the M5

The closest railway station is Tiverton Parkway approx 5 miles away from the diggerland devon park.

How much is entry to Diggerland Devon?

It is best to prebook online up till midnight the day before for the best prices.

Prebook price

Guests over 90cm and up to age 65 : £25.95
Guests ages 65+ : £12.97
Guests under 90cm : FREE
Disabled Guests : £25.95 (+1 free carer)

On the gate ticket price

Guests over 90cm and up to age 65 : £32
Guests ages 65+ : £16
Guests under 90cm : FREE
Disabled Guests : £32 (+1 free carer)

What rides are there at Diggerland Devon?

All the rides at Diggerland are made from real diggers and full-size construction machinery! I have put all the height restrictions under the ride names for ease.

When you first enter the park you’ll find your first of the coin-operated rides, go karts in the grand prix area these are £1 each to use. The food court and indoor soft play are also located here (closed when we visited booo!)

You are also welcome to take your own food and picnic tables are available for you to use.

Sky Shuttle

Guests must be over 80cm to ride

The first ride featuring one of Differlands giant diggers! Up you go in the sky on the end of a real jcbs boom high into the sky giving you lovely views of the whole site.

It actually goes REALLY high and I was suprised none of them were scared but they all loved it!

Spin Dizzy

Guests must be over 100cm to ride

Next we had Spin Dizzy, which as the name suggests, spins you dizzy! Hop into the seating area in the bucket and you’ll be spun round in circles.

Stack Attack

Guests must be over 140cm to ride

Stack attack is for sure aimed at the competitive dads! How quickly can you stack a set of tyres and how many before they topple over? Looks alot easier than it was!

Go Karts

Guests must be over 80cm to ride – 80cm to 100cm must be accompanied by an adult

This was full of competitive adults too, Gaz loved it!

Ground Shuttle

Guests must be over 100cm to ride

This ride literally rattles your bones, riding over the bumpy ground on the front af a JCB on a little platform. They all seemed to weirdly like it though!


Guests must be over 80cm to ride

Dig-a-round is a little merry go round style ride, Holly thought it was great as it had an over the head harness like the big rollercoasters.

Skittles : Buried Treasure : Dippy Ducks

Guests must be over 80cm to ride – 80cm to 100cm must be accompanied by an adult

These were really great as the girls could operate them and try and play the games themselves.

For Skittles you needed to use the mini wrecking ball to knock down all the skittles.

And for Dippy Ducks you needed to ‘hook’ the ducks and get them all out of the pond.

Dirt Diggers / Giant Dirt Diggers

Guests must be over 90cm to ride – 90cm to 110cm must be accompanied by an adult

This one was really fun just being able to dig up the dirt and dump it over the other side. Chloe and Lottie went on their own and Holly was annoyed she had to go on with Gaz.


Poor old Oscar couldn’t actually go on much which was disappointing. But he loved the little diggerland train. Holly loved that she could sit on her own for this one too.

Would you recommend Diggerland Devon?

Although we visited during the peak of covid and were very restricted on what we could go on the kids had a really great day and we were sad to hear it closed in 2021. To see it open again earlier this year made us so happy we can’t wait to go back next month for a proper visit.

You will also find a diggerland theme park in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire. There are rumours of one perhaps coming to the Midlands but no news on it just yet.

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