Geomag Magicube – The perfect gift for busy little hands!

We were really fortunate at this years BlogOn event to meet some wonderful brands to work with including Geomag and their Geomag Magicube Shape sets. We have also been gifted several sets to review and share our thoughts on, so lets get on with set number 1!

Who are Geomag?

Geomag first launched in 1998 and is a patented design. Geomag set staples are simple elemets such as small rods and magnetic balls, which allow the users to use their imagination to create amazing structures.

The Geomag Magicube ranges includes brightly coloured blocks made from 100% recycled plastic and are the perfect size for small hands. They also have blocks with familiar characters such as Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol.

The internal packaging was also cardboard rather than plastic trays – hurray!

Geomag’s products have been awarded the STEM approved TM certification by (Which I’m not going to lie is not something I have ever heard of before so I had to go have a google)

“The term ‘STEM education’ refers to teaching and learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It typically includes educational activities across all grade levels — from preschool to post-doctorate — in both formal (e.g., classrooms) and informal (e.g., afterschool programs) settings.”

Source :

Their range includes the Geomag Magicube Sets, the Geomag Classic range and also the Geomags Mechanics & Pro-L Sets.

Magicube 25 Piece Set

We received the Geomag Magicube 25 piece set which is suitable for ages 1 to 5 (Oscar is almost 3) it contains 25 pieces in 4 different shapes and 2 sets of magnetic wheels to help create vehicles.

All the blocks are lightweight and brightly coloured, they are also the perfect size for smaller hands.

Holly (5) was interested in them also for a short while but she soon moved on – Chloe (12) and Lottie (11) were far more interested.

Oscar absolutely loved them and we have had to take them with us everywhere we have been this weekend as he wanted to play with them more!

It’s been great seeing him concentrating on building the different designs on the box but also creating his own models.

He loves that the blocks are magnetic on all sides and says it’s magic when you attach one to the side and it looks like it is floating.

I love this photo, he is so pleased with himself with all the things he can build!

He was really excited to show everyone else in the bar what he had made

It’s been so lovely to see him stay engaged with a toy for an extended period of time as he tends to move on quite quickly. We are defintely going to look at adding some more of the basic shapes to his Christmas list to encourage him to build bigger things.

What other sets are available?

Over on Amazon you will find a wide range of Magicube products available. Including Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and even alphabet add ons to help encourage further learning.

There are also larger packs of just the square blocks available to help build your collection.

Do we recommend Geomag Magicubes?

These are certainly going to be something Oscar will want to play with again and again so they will be a worthwhile addition to your childs Christmas list this year.

Check the range out on Amazon

The Magicube range contains so many different size starter sets along with a variety of add on options you could easily spread it over several presents from various different people if you wanted to spread the cost around. Gaz’s mum is always asking for suggestions of what to buy them and we much prefer to give specifics, these will be on the list!

I’d love to know if your little ones will be opening these on Christmas morning, let me know in the comments (I promise not to tell them!)

ChrissyJ xxx

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