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For something that millions of women go through on a monthly basis, periods aren’t discussed often enough! Especially under discussed is the options around reusable sanitary pads and other products on the market.

I vaguely remember having some awful sex-ed talk at school which included some very basic and not very helpful talk around periods but that’s pretty much it. Although it is becoming more of a mainstream topic we still have a long way to go!

Who are Sew Eco?

Sew Eco was founded by Gabrielle at just 16 years old. After inheriting a vintage sewing machine she soon got the bug and couldn’t put it down.

Ensuring all her designs and products are as Eco friendly as possible she uses organic fabrics, recycled mailers and the make up wipes and sanitary pads are made from fabric scraps wherever possible to avoid waste.

Sew Eco’s Product Range

Along with the reusable sanitary wear products I am going to show you below, Sew Eco also produce a wide range of childrens clothing including Tshirts, Shorts, Leggings, Bibs, Wet bags, Headbands and reusable make up remover wipes.

Image from Sew Eco Instagram

Period Positivity Box – £12.50

The main reason I placed an order is the Period Positivity Box (This is the July edition)

The box consists of different items each month and this one was space themed.

Reusable Sanitary Pad

I receieved a regular reusable pad with this beautiful solar system print – washing instructions are also included for those who aren’t familiar with caring for reusable products.

Seed Cards

2 lovely little seed cards – you jst rip them up plant them in some soil, water them and soon enough you will have some beautiful flowers . They don’t say which seeds they are but ones I have had previously have been a wildflower mix.

Bath Fizzers

These 2 little flower shaped bath fizzers (well I think they are bath fizzers it’s been a while since I ordered this box!)

Washing Line Clip – £3

This handy little clip makes it easier to hang your reusable sanitary pads up on the washing line or on an airer.

Adenomysis Awareness

Gaby also added in this note to raise awareness for this little known conditiona. Again bringing the conversation back to the lack of discussion around things us women can / do go through on a monhtly basis.

And an extra purchase…

Interlabial Pads – From £2.75

I am so intrigued by these I can’t wait to see if they are any good. If you are one of the unlucky ones who suffers from flash flooding you will understand the need for these!

They help stop the sudden flow overwhelming your pad and hopefully helps with less leakage!

They come in 4 different sizes and you can choose a little tester pack to see which size suits you best. I especially love that I ended up with a dinosaur one!

I will for sure get these sort of boxes for my girls when the time comes. Reusable sanitary pads are so much comfier than normal sanitary towels and of course much better for the environment too!

Shop With Sew Eco here and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram

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