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Sponsored ads are honestly going to be the death of me but the marketing team got it spot on with their targeting. Good Pair Days – The Wine Subscription Service popped up with these awesome freebies and who was I to say no?

Who are Good Pair Days?

Good Pair Days are a monthly wine club offering you a chance to try out new wines suited to your wine preferences. You can choose between white wine, red wine and Rosé.

They have a really handy Good Pair Days app where you can set your requirements, likes and dislikes easily and access all your subscription information.

How does Good Pair Days work?

Each month you will be sent a preview of your box – you can then make any changes before they ship it to you. You can choose to have a selection of each or as you will see you can choose to have a box filled with one choice (Yay for Rosé!)

Your box will be delivered monthly on a date of your choice but you can pause at any time, you aren’t tied into a minimum term.

Your box will consist of 3 to 5 bottles of different types of wine – You choose the number of bottles you want to receieve but you do get free shipping with 4 or more bottles.

Grow your wine knowledge

My favourite thing about Good Pairs Days is the wine knowledge they share with you within the blog posts and also on the Wine 101 E-Course.


Along with the refer a friend freebies below you can also ‘earn’ free branded stuff by completing tasks such as reviewing your wine where you can then collect badges.

If you like to collect pin badges, you can incorporate your creative ideas into custom pins. Find them on Pin Badges Co.

I have already collected enough points to get a free branded tote bag, magnet and wine stopper.

Refer a Friend Scheme

You can earn freebies by referring friends to Good Pair Days (You can find my link here thank you in advance!)

You get a free bottle worth £25 for your first referral and an up to £20 bottle for each subsequent freind. Your friend will also bag themselves the tumbler set (which is why I signed up!)

Whats in a Good Pair Days Box?

I know ready blogs isn’t for everyone so you can just catch the unboxing over on YouTube below if you want – I won’t be disappointed in you for not ready the rest of the post. Much.

Let’s start with the packaging..

I love the packaging from Good Pair Days! They have really thought of every small detail. It’s a good start to giving the customer a great experience.

It also makes for a really great gift as it’s so well put together!

Info Cards (You can now opt out of these)

Included in the box is an information card for each bottle. These include really interesting information including the grape varieties, origin, key & fun facts, detailed tasting notes and my absolute favourite part – food pairings!

Each card will give you a full recipe that the wine will pair with perfectly, I love this idea and it’s another thing to add to our receipe folder.

And then of course we have the most important part.. The wine!

I went for Rosé and had a box with 4 bottles of wine (because I wanted free delivery!)

Wine 1 : Casal Mendes : Portugal

I decided to try this one first because it had the most unusual shape of all wine bottles (What can I say, I’m no wine connoisseur but I love a pretty bottle!)

It was ok – I did have to add some lemonade to be able to drink it as I found it a bit bitter.

Rating : 3/5

From Bairrada, Portugal
Tasting Notes : Medium : Low Fruitiness : Light Body : High Acidity : Low (9-11%)

Fruits – Strawberry / Cherry / Berries : Flavours – Mint / Fresh Basil / Strawberry Laces
Food Pairing : Salmon with Asparagus Salsa

Wine 2 : The Big Top White Zinfandel : California

Barefoot White Zinfandel is my absolute favourite type of wine. So this was the one I am most looking forward too!

This one came to Norfolk with us to drink on the boat. It was nice enough but I did end up adding some lemonade to finish it off.

Rating : 4.5/5

From California, United States
Tasting Notes : Medium : Medium Fruitiness : Medium Body : Low Acidity : Low (9-11%)

Fruits – Strawberry/ Cranberry/ Candied Raspberries : Flavours Crushed Rocks/ Boiled Sweets/ Candy Floss
Food Pairing : Thai Lemongrass and Chilli Chicken

Wine 3 : Bodegas Pinoso ‘Flos’ : Spain (Alicante)

Bottle number 3 got to come on my trip to Banbury for BlogOn and although it doesn’t make any difference to me this bottle is Vegan.

I could drink this without lemonade and it was pretty nice

Rating : 3.5/5

From Alicante, Spain
Tasting Notes : Dry : Medium Fruitiness : Medium Body : Medium Acidity : Medium (12-13%)

Fruits – Berries/ Ripe Strawberry/ Strawberry Jam : Flavours Creamy / Savoury / Red Currant
Food Pairing : Baked Salmon and Chorizo-spiked Rice

Wine 4 : Les Saisons de la Vigne : South West France

This was my least favourite from this box and it is the 2nd vegan bottle in the box.

I found it really sharp (Not sure that’s the correct description but here we are!) It was much better when I added lemonade but I really want to find some that I don’t need to add it.

Rating : 1.5/5

From South West France, France
Tasting Notes : Dry : Medium Fruitiness : Medium Body : High Acidity : Medium (12-13%)

Fruits – Orange / Raspberry / Blood Orange : Flavours Vanilla / Savoury / Cream
Food Pairing : Pomegranate Chicken and Couscous

Freebies : £50 Tumbler Set

With your first box you’ll get this free Good Pair Days branded tumbler set which consists of 2 insulated stemless wine glasses, an insulated bottle (which holds a whole bottle of wine!) and a corkscrew.

The bottle has already been on it’s first outing to Bongos Bingo in Birmingham where it kept our Lemonade for our Gin super cold for several hours!

Would I recommend Good Pair Days?

In a word – Yes! It’s a great way to try different wines, or to gift to a wine drinker. I have signed up for some more expensive wines next month to see how they compare.

Move over GlossyBox I think this may quickly become my favourite monthly subscription!

Sign up to Good Pair Days here for you or a friend!

ChrissyJ xxx

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