Good Pair Days – Wine Subscription Box 2 Sept 2022

It’s time for my Good Pair Days 2nd box! Again all Rose because this is my personal preference. They do also do white, red and sparkling options, you can even have a mix of them all.

You can read up on my first box here

I know not everyone wants to read a blog so here is the video unboxing

Each bottle comes with an info card with details such as grape type, where the wine is from etc. Flip it over and there is even a recipe idea to pair the wine with. You can now opt out of these cards if you don’t want to receieve them.

Who are Good Pair Days?

Good Pair Days are a monthly wine club offering you a chance to try out new wines suited to your wine preferences. You can choose between white wine, red wine and Rosé.

They have a really handy Good Pair Days app where you can set your requirements, likes and dislikes easily and access all your subscription information.

How does Good Pair Days work?

Each month you will be sent a preview of your box – you can then make any changes before they ship it to you. You can choose to have a selection of each or as you will see you can choose to have a box filled with one choice (Yay for Rosé!)

Your box will be delivered monthly on a date of your choice but you can pause at any time, you aren’t tied into a minimum term.

Your box will consist of 3 to 5 bottles of different types of wine – You choose the number of bottles you want to receieve but you do get free shipping with 4 or more bottles.

Grow your wine knowledge

My favourite thing about Good Pairs Days is the wine knowledge they share with you within the blog posts and also on the Wine 101 E-Course.

Refer a Friend Scheme

You can earn freebies by referring friends to Good Pair Days (You can find my link here thank you in advance!)

You get a free bottle worth £25 for your first referral and an up to £20 bottle for each subsequent freind. Your friend will also bag themselves the tumbler set (which is why I signed up!)

You’ll see below the first bottle I have had for having a friend sign up and I wasn’t disappointed.

Bottle 1 – Flora & Fauna – RRP £10

This bottle was ok, I drank it with lemonade (as always!) which made it easier to drink. I don’t think I would be ordering it again but it was nice enough.

Bottle 2 – Voulesz Vous Rose Avec Moi? RRP £10

This bottle has to be my favourite by far! I tried fancy pants (below) first and thought that would be my favourite from this box. But then I had this one and it is lovely.

Unfortunately it isnt available at the moment but hopefully they will have stock again soon. There is a discount when you order restocks in 6 or 12 bottles.

Bottle 3 – Chateau La Mascaronne Rose – RRP £23.50

This wine was so good – this bottle was free for having a friend join via my affiliate link. (Yes that gets your FREE wine!)

It has to be one of the most expensive bottles of wine I have ever had and it didn’t disappoint. I could for sure drink this without lemonade which is a miracle for me!

It did however have a weird glass stopper which took me a good 20 minutes to work out how to remove! It also pops back in, but I am prepared to remove it this time!

Bottle 4 – Fancy Pants – RRP £10

This was a really nice bottle of wine (and another cute label) I rated this one 5/5

Bottle 5 – Costa Alicante – RRP £10

For some reason I didn’t seem to take a photo of this one when I drank it!

I rated this one 1 star – I really didn’t like it at all – the label was cute though!

Box 2 Summary

I am really enjoying trying new wines! I am going to be brave and try some whites and sparkling ones from the advent too.

Sign up for your own box here and start discovering your new favourites

This was a great box and other than the final bottle I really enjoyed them all.

ChrissyJ xxx

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