How To Play An Active Role In Your Teen’s Sporting Success

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Does your child show a genuine talent for sport? Or even just a passion? If so, it’s something that you should certainly look to celebrate. After all, it’s great for physical, mental, and social development while also providing structure to their life. The fact that it helps them avoid other dangers is a positive feature too.

Finding the right balance to ensure that you help your child without damaging their progress isn’t always easy. However, these five tips will provide the guidance you need.

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Encourage increased activity

If your child is passionate about their sport, that’s great. However, restricting their physical activity to their favourite game can limit their progress. Trying different sports will actively work on developing additional muscle groups. This will aid athletic performance. Meanwhile, joining ParkRun will give you an opportunity to exercise as a family. It’s another chance for your teen to gain mental discipline and stay extra motivated.

Besides, a versatile approach to exercise will often enrich their favourite sports too.

Educate yourself on the subject

Some kids will develop a love of the same sports as their parents, but this isn’t always the case. If your teen has fallen for an activity that you aren’t naturally interested in, now is the time to pay attention. You can check out to gain some added insight. In turn, you will be able to discuss the latest news regarding the professional ranks. Most parents can find an element that they enjoy, such as behind the scenes aspects.

Even if your knowledge is limited, your teen will appreciate the effort. 

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Support them financially

Playing sports can be an expensive hobby for teenagers. Moreover, it’s inevitable that they will want to look cool on the track, field, or court too. As a parent, one of the best things you can do is support them financially and logistically. Sports clothes make for great birthday gifts or rewards for good schoolwork. Aside from looking the part, the right attire and accessories may actively aid performance and safety.

Meanwhile, driving them to training and watching their game days can play a telling role for your teen.

Enjoy watching sports together

A teen’s love of sport isn’t all about participation. Watching the professionals gives them inspiration and can form a key part of their learning curve. Even if you don’t love the game itself, you can turn it into a great day out. Alternatively, you can take a tour of a stadium. Visit to find out about some of the best. They’ll love it for the sporting aspects while you can love the architecture and history.

Finding ways to enjoy their passion as a family is truly amazing.

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Speak to their coach

As a parent hoping to play an active role in your teen’s sports, it may be tempting to instruct them from the sidelines. Don’t. Studies show that too much pressure from parents is the main reason that teens and pre-teens quit. Let the coach, coach. You can speak to them about your teen’s progress and any steps you can personally take to guide them. On match day, however, you should focus on being a supportive parent.

If nothing else, it saves your son or daughter from any awkwardness or embarrassment.

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