Las Marismas De Corralejo Fuerteventura

We booked our holiday via On The Beach. We chose Las Marismas De Corralejo as our friends found this hotel via Tui but they weren’t showing any availability for us. (I have also spotted it is now listed on Jet2Holidays)

Our flights were with Ryanair – It was fine, not my favourite airline but not the worst either.

You don’t get a meal on this route but there was a frequent trolley service for drinks and snacks.

The views flying into Fuerteventura airport are beautiful and it looks like you will land in the sea!

Facemasks were still mandatory when we flew (February half term) as were Spanish passenger locator forms for everyone.

Las Marismas De Corralejo Hotel

The hotel is located around half an hour from Fuerteventura Airport in Corralejo, We had a private transfer booked which was so much easier with all the little ones.

Corralejo is a town on the northeast coast of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands of Spain. It’s known for Corralejo Natural Park, featuring windy, dune-backed beaches like Playa del Moro. The park is home to endangered wildlife and Montaña Roja, a volcano with panoramic views. The town, a former fishing village, is dotted with eateries and bars. Nearby Lobos Island is a nature preserve with rare birds – Source: Google

We had a really cool mini bus with funky lights and comfy seats and the driver was really lovely and helped us with all the kids and bags.

Las Marismas De Corralejo Hotel

Reception is a big glass fronted area with steps and a lift down to the other floors. You can also take the longer route down which has sloped access.

Under reception is a comfy seating area and you’ll find these 2 book shelves filled with books you can borrow (I managed to find the last English book and you can read more about it here)

The on site shop has all your essentials and there is also a couple of vending machines here with drinks and snacks

The whole resort area isn’t massive you can wonder round it quite quickly, but it does mean everything is easy to find.

And yes that does say ‘Cat Cafe’ in the top left corner which I was very excited about, however it was not quite what I imagined… I introduce to you … The Cat Cafe

The onsite shop also sells a range of essentials such as milk, souveneirs, crisps, chocolate bars, towels and loads of inflatables. You can also inflate your inflatables here if you need too.

There was a broken window in the part under reception, this is where the performers set up so wasn’t a great back drop for them and it wasn’t repaired during our stay.

Rooms at Las Marismas De Corralejo Hotel

We were allocated 2 x 1 bedroom apartments, although they were next to each other they weren’t interconnecting although there are interconnecting rooms on site.

Our 2 year old was given a travel cot and not a bed which fortunately he was ok to sleep in but we would have preferred a bed for him being as he is considered a paying person on the booking!

The apartments are roomy and have everything you would need if you were self catering including a 2 ring hob, kettles, toaster, coffee percolator, fridge and microwave. Plenty of pots, pans and other cooking utensils.

The lounge area has a sofa which can be used as single bed, the TV does have a few UK channels including BBC, ITV, Sky News, CBBC and The Disney Channel. You will also find a collection of other international channels available.

In the bathroom you’ll find a hairdryer, a bath with shower over (the water pressure is so good!) Complimentary shower gel and shampoo, all your room towels (white) and also your pool towels (brown)

In the bedroom are 2 single beds pushed together which isn’t idea for a couple (well unless you don’t like being near each other in which case this is the perfect set up for you!) As the beds slide apart if you try to sleep towards the middle. They were also hard as a rock I actually preferred sleeping on the sofa.

The bedrooms have a huge fitted wardrobe, however only a handful of hangers so if you are planning on hanging up more than a 10 things between you, pack some hangers!

There is a safe in the room but you have to pay for it to be able to use it, this cost €1.80 per day.

The door locks were a bit of a pain. They didn’t explain how they work and it took us a minute to work it out although our first key didn’t work at all. Also don’t keep them near your phone as it can stop them working.


The hotel offers several different dining options – Self Catering, Bed & Breakfast, Half Board or All Inclusive – Or you can upgrade to any of these options or individual meal times during your stay.

In the restaurant you’ll have a few options of mains, loads of fruit, salad and continental dishes, soup and bread and a whole dessert section.

We are on an All Inclusive stay meaning we get Breakfast, Lunch, dinner, Snacks and Drinks included in our stay. Local Alcohol is also included which consists of Beer, Wine, Spirits and Cocktails.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served in the main buffet restaurant under reception. It didn’t get overly busy while we were here other than BBQ night (see below) and we were always able to get a table right away.

They also have high chairs available should you need one.

Meal times are as follows:
Breakfast : 7 – 10.30am
Lunch : 1 – 3pm
Dinner : 6 – 9pm

On themed nights a themed drink is also available in the buffet area and also in the entertainment bar.

BBQ Night

We especially liked the BBQ night. They fired up the grills and cooked a massive range of BBQ meats. This was the busiest night as I think those who aren’t all inclusive probably choose this night as one to stay in for dinner.

Italian Night was another favouriote for the kids as they had so much pizza to choose from!

I don’t eat cheese so this was a no from me but everyone else said it was delicious so I will just take their word for it.

Snacks in the pool bar

Snacks are available in the pool bar and consists of Burgers, Hotdogs, Fries and Chicken Nuggets. Salad and bread rolls are also available.

Ice cream is also available in the pool bar. There was a mix over our stay of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and a Mango. It did get pretty messy as you do just help yourself and there doesn’t seem to be anyone checking on it to clean it up during the day.

Thankfully the ice cream was unlimited because Oscar really made sure to get his moneys worth from it!


As with most all inclusives beer, wine and soft drinks are on tap for you to help yourself. Spirits and cocktails are available via the bars.

Finding someone to serve however was not an easy task. There only ever seemed to be one person on the bar even at the busiest times so we rarely bothered with anything we couldn’t grab ourselves.

Themed Cocktail of the day

Each day you’ll find a cocktail of the day. This is displayed on the small bar by the entertainment area and also in the pool bar. This is included in your all inclusive band.

They were ok, not the best but fairly average all inclusive drinks. They do however put alot of alcohol in them.


There are 2 adult pools and 1 shallow children’s pool. Both Tui and On The Beach state one of the big pools and the children’s pools are heated but I’m fairly confident they are not.

They did look really pretty lit up at night though.

Our pool in Florida was heated and it was like a warm bath, these pools are still ice cold and we couldn’t feel a difference in either of the main pools to indicate which one is supposedly heated.

The pool to the left of reception seems to have adopted being the ‘adults’ pool, we very rarely saw anyone swimming in it and it was mainly couples that sat around it.

The middle pool (where the snack bar and toilets are) is where you’ll find the families, Aqua aerobics also happens in this pool.

There is a lifeguard on duty here also which we don’t see often on our holidays.

Don’t worry too much about bringing inflatables with you, guests leave spares in the shower to the back right hand side and you can buy them from the shop onsite also.

Splash Pool

The Smaller Splash pool is located by the kids club entrance and was empty pretty much the entire time we were there.

There wasn’t alot going on around any of the pools, which was nice in as such I could sit and read my book but it was a bit boring for the kids after a few days.

They did do this aqua aerobics class which is like nothing I have ever seen before and if you weren’t careful you’d get a pool noodle to the face but it did keep the big kids amused at least.


If lots of evening entertainment is your thing you’ll be left disappointed. Tui’s website talks about nightly evening entertainment with Live music and performances and a mini disco.

There is no mini disco, just half hour of party dances during the last half hour of kids club (so under 4s can’t take part in this) and the evening entertainment is just 45 mins of whatever is scheduled for that evening.

We had an Electroacoustic duo, a magic act, a Latin dance duo

Our favourite act was the variety act – they did magic, they did singing hand shadow puppets and they did this weird light show that was bizarre yet we couldn’t stop watching it .

Obviously being on Spanish islands most of the vocalists sang in Spanish but our kids didn’t seem to mind and got involved with dancing along to the songs anyway.

A few nights of the stay this artist was also on site doing caricature drawings.

Although they are not my cup of tea, he was an amazing artist and was so quick too!

Acua Water Park

Both Tui and On The Beach both mention the water park next door however this is closed and looks abandoned and the website stated it is permanently closed.

*Update 20/06/2022 I have been on the website today and it does look to have reopened, I would be cautious if you visit as it was not in a good state when we stayed.


Although not massive the arcade was big enough for the kids to amuse themselves between dinner and the brief entertainment that was on.

It was also helpful when it was a bit wet in the evening, however it didn’t open until 6pm so would have been for useful had it opened in the daytimes also.

Just make sure you have lots of one euro coins for all the machines.

Mini Golf

I think this may have been one of the hotels saving graces. The mini golf course is pretty cool

It is set between trees and has a little stream running through it, I thought it was really cute and it kept the bigger kids amused for ages as they could just keep going round it.

Grab your golf clubs and balls from reception, its free to play but you do have to leave a refundable deposit but theres no limit to how many times you can play.

Kids Club

Tui state the kids club runs 10.30-1pm & 1.30 – 4.30pm 6 days a week..

It actually only runs 10.30 – 12.30pm & 3 – 5pm Monday to Friday, there also wasn’t any clubs running on the weekends at all.

The Mini Disco was run inside the kids club so there wasn’t an opportunity for the rest of the family to get involved which meant Oscar missed out on this completly as he was too small for kids club.

We have never stayed anywhere else that does this and were slightly disappointed as it left very little for Oscar to enjoy.

Baby Change

The only baby change facilities at Las Marismas De Corralejo are in the ladies toilets – which is quite inconvenient.

In the toilets underneath reception (closest to the dining hall) the baby change is so high I could barely reach it.

Although I am on the short side (5’2) Even Amanda who we are on holiday with at 5’8 struggled to use it.

Oscar however thought it was hilarious!

Local Area

The main Corralejo town is just a few minutes walk from Las Marismas De Corralejo, where you will find bars, restaurants and all the shops you could possibly need, including an English Supermarket that stocks Iceland branded products.

‘The Square’

Just a short walk from the hotel towards the marina is ‘the square’.

It is as it says, a square surrounded by bars where you’ll find nightly live entertainment. From vocalists to street dancing there was so much on the kids loved it.

Get yourself up there early to grab a seat outside one of the many bars and sit back and enjoy the shows!

We ended up outside Florita Cocktail bar for the nights we went and the cocktails were huge!

What 3 Words Location : ///distinctive.interviewer.sustain

Link scooters are available in Fuerteventura as they were in Lanzarote.

You can read more about those over on my Blog post about our Holiday Village stay.

Oasis Wildlife Park

If you are looking for a day out the Oasis Wildlife park is located on the southern side of Fuerteventura and a really lovely day out.


We never really book trips with Tui or at the hotel, as you can usually get some better deals booking locally.

You won’t be short of places to book just make sure you do shop around as prices can really vary depending on where you book.

The Marina is around a 25-30 minute walk from the hotel and you’ll see lots of these boards on the way up and also all along the marina ‘Puerto de Corralejo’. We did book in a boat trip but unfortunately the storms meant it had to be cancelled.

We ended up just sitting in one of the sea front bars watching all the boats trying to avoid the rough tides

Restaurante Don Pepe

As we were all inclusive we tried not to eat out too much but did decide on eating out at Restaurante Don Pepe.

Again this is up towards the marina on the main road. You won’t miss it, the menu boards are around 20 foot long outside!

We liked they had a good selection of kids meals and we weren’t disappointed in the portions either.

The childrens meals were €5.50 (Approx £4.75) which wasn’t bad at all. However don’t have fruit juice as this was more expensive that fizzy drinks!  (€1 more each)

The adult meals were ok, I don’t know why I chose steak when it’s never going to compare with Ounce back home but it was a bit over cooked for me. The burger and pizzas were good though and good portions.

In total our bill was €90.50 (Around £78) which wasn’t bad for 3 adults and 4 children we didn’t think and the kids really enjoyed the food and giant milkshakes.

On the way back we also spotted a sign pointing to a playground so we followed it and found a little cluster or restaurants with this climbing frame area.

It was nicely shaded and undercover from the rain shower we were caught in.

What3Words Location : ///subpart.spray.penned

Source Google Maps

Toro Beach

The closest beach is around a 10 minute walk, there is a free shuttle bus from the hotel but its a nice enough walk down the high street.

What3Words Location : ///squishy.philosophers.downhill

The menu here is so big I couldn’t possibly fit it all in here but you’ll find pretty much every alcoholic option available inclusing Beer, Wines, Spirits, Cocktails and Bubbly. For food you have Pizza, Burgers, Seafood, Pasta, Soups, Salads, a wide selection from the grill and even an English breakfast!

Fuerteventura Airport

Although I don’t normally talk much about the airports, I do think Fuerteventura airport deserves a special mention.

They have such good facilities for families including these 2 play areas. Amusing kids in the airport is hard work and having these spaces for them to run around is a godsend.

It is crazy to think more airports don’t provide this sort of thing, they don’t take up massive amounts of space are just so helpful to travelling families.

There is also this huge fancy fishtank in the main entrance which the kids were fascinated by.

Las Marismas De Corralejo Fuerteventura Summary

We probably wouldn’t opt to stay at Las Marismas De Corralejo again on an all inclusive basis as there are definitely other local hotels better suited to us.

If you were only going self catering or bed and breakfast then it would be a great choice as its in a really good location for access to lots of restaurants and shops.

We would 100% go back to Corralejo the location was great for us.

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