What is What 3 Words?

I started using What 3 words recently as I HATE getting lost. So here is a a guide to what is what 3 words.

My husband used to be a postman and one of the things he hated was house names. Especially whole roads of named houses with no numbers. He also had difficulty finding houses with a later job as a medical engineer, ‘just down the lane past the big tree’ helpful as people try to be it didn’t make his job easy!

I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it is finding houses on these sort of roads and this is just one of the many problems this app can help with!

So this handy little app has divided the whole world into 3x3m squares. Yes, the WHOLE world!! So you can easily locate places, whether that be houses, your mates in a park or someone in an emergency.

Each of these squares has it’s very own 3 word combination so you can find exactly where you need to be. No more guessing required. I opened the app as I was writing this on the M5 and this is exactly where I was – clever huh? Please note – I was obviously a passenger and not writing a blog post whilst driving, even I draw the line at that level of multitasking!

Obviously this relies on people not only using the app to navigate but also for people to be aware it exists!

I used it recently to report an issue to the council where resurfacing work had caused the surrounding area to a drain cover to sink in leaving a hole. It was along quite a long road so using what 3 words I was able to give them a really accurate location to send someone out to inspect it quickly.

You can find out more here : https://what3words.com/ or download the app on play store or app store.

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