Lookiero or Stitch Fix – Autumn Edition

Well this has been an adventure! Trying to get the boxes for my Lookiero or Stitch Fix post has been very drawn out.

I ordered both boxes back in July for September Delivery with the style note;

‘I’d like some Autumn wardrobe staples with a splash of colour’

They both had this exact same style note so it is a fair competition between them. However it all got very complicated when first Lookiero LOST my box and the Stitch Fix ALSO LOST my box! What are the odd that BOTH boxes would go missing?!

Well apparently such is my luck so they both reissued them (Which was disappointing as one of the items I chose in the original Lookiero wasn’t available in my replacement)

The original Stitch Fix box then appeared along WITH the replacement so we have 2 StitchFix boxes and the replacement Lookiero to compare this month.

How do Lookiero and Stitch Fix work?

Both Lookiero and Stitch Fix are fashion subscription boxes and you can choose to have them on a regular basis or as one offs when you just want clothing for a specific event.

You pay a £10 styling fee up front and you’ll be sent 5 items to try on and you can either return them for free or pay and keep them.

You can find out more about them over on my previous post or over on their websites Lookiero and Stitch Fix and grab yourself a discount on your first box while you are there.

Excuse my rubbish photos, the darker nights aren’t great for bloggers with day jobs!

What was in the Lookiero Box?

VILA Vibalu Tshirt Lines | L | £22

I have quite a few items from ‘Vila’ and I do like them (especially my striped cardigan from my 2nd Lookiero box!)

It was a bit too tight for me and I already have quite a few similar ones

Decision : Return

LA PETITE FRANCAISE Angela Tshirt Red | L | £35.20

This tshirt was waaaay too small for me, it was so tight I struggled to get it back off.

Decision : Return

FRENCH CONNECTION French Jeans Denim Dark Grey | XL | £75

These jeans were a size too small (my own fault because I sized down on my options in the hope I would have lost weight for this box but I haven’t whoops!)

At £75 they were also way more than I would spend on a pair of jeans.

Decision : Return

FREEQUENT Fqelsie Dress Miniprint Black | L | £53.95

When I say this dress was like a sack, I really mean it. Shapeless not a great print and just not my style at all.

Decision : Return

ONLY Onllesly Cardigan Knit Black | L | £26

When I already have at least a dozen black cardigans, one thing I did not need was another one. IT was nice enough though and pretty soft, I just have too many already.

Decision : Return

Lookiero Summary

So I actually returned the whole box. Yet again my style notes were ignored completely, I’m not even sure why they have space for them at this point because not once have they used them to help style the box!

The total for this box was £212.15 (Less 25% of you keep everything making it £159.12)

Whats in the Stitch Fix (Original) box?

Because I now had 2 boxes from StitchFix they agreed I could keep 5 items across the 2 boxes and still get my 20% off. I actually can’t fault the customer service I receieved, they arranged a replacement box really quickly and credited my styling fees.

MO-KA Lillian Lightweight Rain Jacket | M | Yellow £59

I think I chose this from the preview – I don’t often wear coats but this looked lightweight and rainproof and I loved the colour!

The hood folds away into the collar and it has a lovely soft lining without being too thick or heavy.

Decision : Keep

LOVE ELLIE Mia Back Detail Pullover | M | Burgundy £45

I loved this on the preview so it was one of my picks. I loved the criss cross detail on the back. It’s a super soft material I just love it!

Decision : Keep

LOUCHE Cathleen Dash Mini Dress | 14 | Green £49

I really liked this dress especially as it had pockets but I couldn’t justify keeping a summer dress in my Autumn box, especially when there was a more suitable dress in the 2nd box.

Decision : Return

THOUGHT the essential GOTS organic cotton straight jeans | 14 | Indigo £89.95

These jeans were also a size too small.. maybe for my next box I’ll fit a 14!

They are really thick heavy stiff denim with no give at all so not really my style and at almost £90 it’s way too expensive for a pair of jeans I’m not keen on.

Decision : Return

MAUVETTE Jolana Square Neck Blouse | 14 | Blue £42

This was a really weird style and fit. It has a square neck and no give in the fabric. I actually thought I was going to get stuck in it because it didn’t stretch at all!

Decision : Return

Whats in the Stitch Fix (Replacement) box?

ESTELLA BARTLETT The Copperfield Drawstring Backpack | One Size | Burgundy £55

I chose this from the preview as I have another Estella Bartlett bag and I love it. I have used this backpack for work everyday since I got it, it’s great for throwing everything in.

Decision : Keep

&ET Gaya Mini Rib Flippy Dress | 14 | Black £39

I wasn’t sure about a dress being in my Autumn box but this dress is weighty and thick. It hangs beautifully and I love the fit

Decision : Keep

EDITOR’S CUT Leanna Button Sleeve Rib Jumper in Eco-Vero Viscose | 14 | Teal Green £45

I chose this on the preview too because I love the colour. It also has gold buttons down the sleeves which is a cute detail.

It’s a supersoft fabric and a really nice fit

Decision : Keep

EDITOR’S CUT Magnum Slash Neck Fitted Rib Jumper | 14 | Burgundy £42

Again this is similar to alot of other tops I already have so although it’s from one of my favourite Stitch Fix brands (I have a couple of jumpsuits from Editors cut) I did decide to return this.

Decision : Return

MAUVETTE Vivienne Skinny Jean | 32 | Black £45

I mean by this point, I think you know where this is going, these jeans also did not fit me.

Out of the 3 pairs they were the closest to fitting me. But I decided not to keep them.

Decision : Return

Summery of my Stitch Fix box(es)

Here are the 5 items I kept across the 2 boxes all together, I think we got some lovely colour within these boxes! Stitch Fix definitely do a better job of reading the notes and implementing them into the boxes.

The Total for these 2 boxes were

Box 1 Total £284.95 (£227.97 with discount)
Box 2 Total £226 (£180.80 with discount)

The items I kept £243 (£194.40 with discount)

So lets answer the question… Lookiero or Stitch Fix?

I think it’s safe to say we had a clear winner with these boxes! Lookiero has been a real disapointment lately, the first few boxes I had from them were fabulous so I’m not sure what’s going wrong with them.

Stitch Fix have yet again come through as the clear winners with their Autumn selection. Did they perhaps have an unfair advantage being as I had 2 boxes? I don’t think so as I would have happily kept everything from both boxes.

If you want. to try Lookiero you can save £10 off your first box using my affiliate link
If you want. to try Stitch Fix you can save £15 off your first box using my affiliate link

I’d love to know if you try either box and what you think of the items you receieved

ChrissyJ xxx


Time for another #headtohead with #lookiero and #stitchfix – who fulfilled the brief best this time!? let me know your thoughts #fashionsubscription #clothingsubscriptionbox #newclothes

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