Lookiero Vs Stitch Fix – Birthday Edition

Not sure how I managed to forget about this Lookiero vs Stitch Fix box, but looking back at what was in the Lookiero perhaps that was why!

I gave both Stitch Fix and Lookiero the same brief to see who would come up with the best outfit

Holly helped me with unboxing this one and she had some comments about what was inside too…

What are Lookiero & Stitch Fix

Lookiero and Stitch Fix are personal styling / clothing subscriptions.

You can order them online to come on regulat intervals or just as and when you want one. This is what I do – there isn’t any discount for getting them on a regular basis nor is there any minimum terms.

Each box comes with 5 items chosen for you by your personal stylist. You do get a ‘preview’ prior to the boxes coming out with around 10 items on for you to pick from (if you want to) or say no to anything you know you won’t want in your box.

I do like to have a look at the preview but try to only pick 1 or 2 things as I do like a surprise!

Unboxing my Lookiero

I don’t seem to have the invoice that came with this one not sure why so apologies for being so vague as Lookiero don’t offer any sort of online statement or order history. I did find some of them mooching about on Vinted though!

So let’s go through what came in this Lookiero. You can skip to the try on at the bottom 🙂

Item 1 – Lili & Lola

Floral Dress – Size XL – £49.60

Item 2 – Emma Ella Paris

Gold Bomber Jacket – Size L

I couldn’t find this exact jacket anywhere on the internet but I found similar ones for sale at £90-£110 (!!). It was really lightweight and not a particulary good quality material so I would be shocked if this had been priced this high!

Item 3 – Pieces

Black Skirt – Size XL / 14 – £28 – This was a nice skirt with loads of stretch – it has a side zip and gave a lovely shape.

Item 4 – Brand Unknown

Black lace top with tie back. When I pulled this out the box Holly asked if it was for her and pointed out it wouldn’t fit over my belly (thanks Holly!)

It’s quite cute and lightweight and I like the tie behind the neck.

Item 5 – Brand Unknown

Pink & Gold Jumper

I couldn’t find any information about this jumper anywhere! It was so loosely stitched it just stretched way beyond what was a comfortable fit. Which is a shame as I actually liked the colour/design.

Lookiero Try On

Considering this was supposed to be for my birthday night out, I didn’t really see anything that suited the brief.

It was a bit of a jumble mix of items and none of it really went well together.

Unboxing my Stitch Fix

I have noticed Stitch Fix are rapidly becoming the front runner in this battle of the boxes. The clothing is much more my ‘style’. So here is the latest box…

Item 1 – &ET

Watson 90s High Neck Jumpsuit – Size 12 – £49

As I said on the video I do like the jumpsuits that come from Stitch Fix. They are a nice stretchy, but weighty fabric so they hang nice.

I decided I didn’t need to keep both of these (although they were both nice!) I went with the one I thought I was more likely to wear.


Saturday Wrap Jumpsuit with Long Sleeve – Size 12 – £55

This is the one I decided to keep as I liked I could wear a proper bra with this one. It’s a nice fit and I like the matching belt.

Item 3 – MANGO

Coat – M – £139.99

I never wear coats and I definitely wouldn’t spend £140 on one! If you are a coat person it was lovely and warm but even just putting it on for a pic it was way too warm for me!


Julieanne Quilted Heeled Ankle Boot – Size 5 – £47.99

These had a nice chunky heel but were actually too big for me (I can be a 4 or 5 depending on the style) but as I said on the video I struggle with ankle boots I don’t find them comfortable at all.

Item 5 – INYATI

Lea Cross Body Bag – RRP £45

This bag is like Mary Poppins! It holds so much stuff for such a small bag. I have used it so much since I got it, I love it!

Stitch Fix Try On

Keep or Return?

I ended up returning everything from the Lookiero box and I kept the Editors Cut jumpsuit and Inyati bag.

You can save £15 with Lookiero or Stitch Fix when you try them for the first time so why not grab yourself a box?

ChrissyJ xxx

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