Patpat – Holly & Lottie’s top picks!

I went a bit crazy on Patpat and let the girls choose their own clothes.

They added everything they liked to a list and I randomly chose bits to order to see what it is all like

You might have already seen one of my purchases from my first order on the post about Animal farm

This was £10.78 and I love it! Super comfy and fit perfectly (Size L) I also ordered some matching swimwear but we haven’t worn them yet

I actually have this same playsuit for me Holly and Lottie but we haven’t actually managed to wear it at the same time yet!

Holly wasn’t so keen to model when the last order came. This Minnie mouse set is going to be perfect for Disney! Its only age 3 but its really stretchy and only £9.18 for the 3 piece set! (skirt, top and hair bow)

Hollys Patpat picks

This time Holly got a jumpsuit and 2 dresses. She wouldn’t stand still for pics I had to take screen shots from the videos because she just wanted to twirl! I think it’s safe to say she likes them all

The Cherry / Watermelon dress was £3.88 and age 4-5

Flamingo jumpsuit was £3.17 and age 3-4

Lastly the floral dress was £9.18 and age 4-5

I did try to get things a bit bigger to fit her longer and they are all perfect

Lotties Patpat picks

Lottie loves clothes shopping. She added 153 to the love list. She’s going to cost me a fortune!

The yellow playsuit was £7.06 and age 11-12

The middle 2 piece was £7.06 and age 8-9

The last one was £7.77 and age 10-11

Lottie said the yellow one is her favourite she loves the asymmetric sleeves.

Rainbow playsuit was £8.47 and age 11-12

Floral dress was £9.18 age 8-9 (we have this set for all of us!)

Lastly she got 2 tops one with Cherry print and one with pineapple print they were £4.94 each and age 11-12. The tops are quite thin (as you can see from the pics) so would probably be better with a crop top underneath or over a swimsuit

Delivery Times

Our first order took exactly 2 weeks and this one took 12 days so I’d say you’d need to expect it to take 2 weeks, they do offer an upgraded shipping option, buts it only a few days quicker.

We are really impressed with the quality, everything seems well made so far and I’ve washed my jumpsuit several times now and it hasn’t shrunk or lost shape.

Shop Patpat here

Let me know what you buy!

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