Stitch Fix Box 2

It’s time for Stitch Fix Box 2! I didn’t waste any time in ordering my 2nd box with Stitch Fix, I really loved my first one and wanted to see whether it was just beginners luck or whether they were actually good at personalising boxes!

Whats in the box?

The items in my Stitch Fix box were

Editor’s Cut – Saturday Wrap Jumpsuit £52

This month this was the only item I selected from my preview. I absolutely love the jumpsuit I got in my previous box and pretty much lived in it while we were in Lanzarote.

It is a similar fabric but this one has sleeves making it a slightly more Autumn / Winter piece. It fit’s really well and I know it’s going to be well worn!

Vero Moda – Eva Mr Loose Track Jogger £35

I’ve found the description of this a bit misleading. To me ‘joggers’ would mean they were loose fit cotton bottoms. These however are very fitted, tapered ankles and a more stretchy material.

I’m sure my Nan used to wear similar with a strap that went under her foot!

I wouldn’t really wear them out, they would be more for lounging around the house.

French Connection – Stephanie PU Waterfall £110

I had said on my notes I didn’t want any more coats so I was surprised to have this in my box.

However when I put it on I realised it was much more like a cardigan than a coat. It was really lightweight but unfortunately it was too small and when I requested to exchange it wasn’t available in a larger size.

Moda Luxe – Ela Fold Over Crossbody £38

This bag is cute. It has so many pockets and compartments it’s great for an every day bag, if like me, you carry half your belongings with you to cover all possibly occurrences in the day!

Ichi – Fringed Check Scarf £26.99

I don’t actually own a scarf like this, I am a super warm blooded person and overheat even in the snow!

This scarf however is so soft you could really snuggle into it.

Stitch Fix Box 2 – Whats the cost?

Total : £261.99
Total if you keep it all £209.59

With Stitch Fix if you keep everything you get 20% off (and they deduct the £10 stylist fee you pay up front)

Save £15 with your first Stitch Fix

Tell me more about Stitch Fix!

You can find out more on my previous post here

But in brief ;

You complete the style questionnaire, add your sizes etc.
You can then log in and love or bin the options they show you to help them personalise your box.
You’ll get the option to ‘preview’ your fix and you can select any items you definitely would like to receive (up to 5) or you can leave it as a complete surprise.
You’ll pay a £10 styling fee per box – refunded if you keep even 1 item.
When you receive the box you have 7 days to try everything on and check out.
If you keep everything you’ll get a 20% discount off it all.

You can also refer friends and if they order a fix, you’ll get £15 off your next one!

Stitch Fix also offer mens boxes.

You also get a styling card with each box

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Stitch Fix Box 2 Summary

I have to say I think this month my winner is Stitch Fix, this could be beginners luck as it is the first box I have had from them and my first 2 boxes with Lookiero were my favourite with them too.

I have already ordered another one of each to arrive mid September so I will be sure to let you know how I get on with those also.

There will be a link below to my husbands Stitch Fix box when I can pin him down to try it on and take some photos for me!

Fancy trying it out?

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