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You’ll know I have been testing out the Lookiero and Stitch Fix personal styling service for a few months now, but it’s my husbands turn now to try out Stitch Fix for Men. We waited till he had 3 boxes so we could get a good feel for what they offer and here is what he/we thought of it.

My husband hates shopping for new clothes, he will wear clothes until they quite literally fall to pieces. So having a personal stylist do the shopping for him on a subscription service sounds like a dream!

As with the female Stitch Fix box you can choose what you like and don’t like from a pre loaded list of clothing items on the style profile and the daily style quiz on the stitch fix website to help your expert stylist customise your box to your personal style.

You’ll also get your Stitch Fix preview to choose items you definitely do, or do not, want in your box.

On my (womens) profile I can also set a price range for each product but this option doesn’t seem to be available on his.

Stitch Fix isn’t a standard monthly subscription, you can set your fix to auto ship every 2-3 weeks, monthly, 3 monthly or just on demand. There is so tie in to a subscription so you can cancel / rearrange at any time.

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Stitch Fix for Men Box 1

Gaz completed all the pre order basic questions before his first fix all about his body type and size, what he would normally wear, fit preferences and what sort of items he would like to receive.

You can then log in daily and love or bin a selection of items and looks to help your personal stylist get a feel for what you want. I’m not confident he has done this very much, but he says he has done it a few times.

When his first box arrived I liked that the stitch fix stylists had made whole outfits, sometimes I feel like my boxes are just a random mix of things that don’t really go together.

It definitely makes it easier to want to keep the whole box (which means you also get the 20% discount) but if there are items you want to return or exchange, you can do this for free using the prepaid return envelope

Stylist’s picks subtotal£220.00
Buy All discount: 20%-£44.00
Order subtotal£176.00
Styling fee deduction-£10.00
Total Cost£166.00

Gaz’s thoughts on Box 1

From my first fix the shirt and shoes are ok Christine likes them more than I do, it’s not what I would normally go for. I really like the black t-shirt and shorts they fit nice and are really comfortable.

I do really like the idea of stitch fix, I hate going out to buy myself clothes and when I do I normally come back with my usual “dad” clothes I wear everyday around the house. It’s opened my eyes to thing that suit me I wouldn’t normally buy

Stitch Fix for Men Box 2

Stylist’s picks subtotal£176.00
Buy All discount: 20%-£35.20
Order subtotal£140.80
Styling fee deduction-£10.00
Total Cost£130.80

Gaz’s thoughts on Box 2

My second fix had some good everyday t-shirts which I have started to wear regularly and they wash really well.

The shirts and shorts will be great holiday/summer clothes.

Stitch Fix for Men Box 3

Gaz chose 4 of these items – the Coat was the only one he didn’t chose and he actually thinks its favourite thing from the whole box.

I really like the colour and fit of these jeans – they are the best ones he’s had.

Stylist’s picks subtotal£273.99
Buy All discount: 20%-£54.80
Order subtotal£219.19
Styling fee deduction-£10.00
Total Cost£209.19

Gaz’s thoughts on Box 3

This was my favourite box so far, Christine assures me the shirts look good, the jumper is super warm but also super itchy so will need a t shirt underneath. The pair of jeans I received are really comfy to the point I’ve been wearing them around the house even though I’m normally in a pair of shorts before I’ve even got through the front door.

The jacket is my favourite thing I’ve had from stitch fix, as warm as a coat but not as bulky.

Want to try it out?

If you want to try it out (either the Female or Male box) you can save £15 with your first Stitch Fix here

I hope you have enjoyed this stitch fix review – Let me know if you get one ordered

ChrissyJ xxx

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