The Business Box – Box 3 July

My third Business Box is here (and actually so is my 4th so that post will be up soon too)

**Warning** Contains spoilers – obviously! Video unboxing is at the end of the review

What is the Business Box?

The Business Box is a subscription box for female business owners, to help them to rocket fuel their business and look after themselves.

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The Business Box is a subscription model currently you can get your first box for half price and then you can choose between a minimum of an additional 3 or 6 monthly boxes

Minimum 3 month subscription (Half price box at £17.50 then £35 p/m after 14 days)


Minimum 6 month subscription (Half price box at £17.50 then £33 p/m after 14 days)

Unlike other subscription boxes you don’t pay for your 3 or 6 months upfront, you pay monthly and after your initial term it will continue until you cancel.

Each box will include items such as a self development book, stationery and office items and ‘a little self care’ item. This gives a pretty wide scope of products that could be included.

As part of the subscription there is also an online community (Facebook group) and also online training available for you to watch.

The Business Box – Box 3

This is the last box of my original subscription and when I went on to cancel it offered me a discount if I continued with my subscription. I took the offer because I really did want to love this box!

This is the smallest box I have received so let’s have a look what we have got


Each box includes 2 training sessions – they are hosted live with replays being uploaded into the membership area.

This month we had;

Pricing for Profit with Leanne Gunns – this was scheduled for 28th July unfortunately we were in Rhodes so I couldn’t watch this. But it is uploaded in the member area to watch the replay.

The other training is with Jo Fisher with a TBC. I can’t see it has been uploaded into the members area so I am not sure whether this has gone ahead yet.

Whats in this months Business Box?

Law for Online Entrepreneurs by Jo Fisher RRP £10.99

Joanne Fisher is a business lawyer who specialises in helping female entrepreneurs with legal and brand protection.

Imagine having total clarity and peace of mind because you have weighed up the risks that come with running an online business.
Imagine never fearing difficult conversations because you have all the answers, you understand your terms of business!
Imagine the feeling of knowing your brand is secure because you took steps to protect it, you won’t stand for copycats!
Law for Online Entrepreneurs is your first step, taking you from the unknown to unstoppable.

This is available on Amazon as en ebook for £8.99, paperback £10.99 or hardback £18.29

For a quick flick through it looks to be full of useful information and I can see It will soon be full of page markers when I read through!

Motivational Print RRP £4.99

This looks to be a bit of a space filler, £5 for a bit of an odd motivational quote. That’s all I’m going to say on that item!

Motivational Print

Dr Botanicals Cocoa Noir Sensuous Cream RRP £29

This is a brand repeat from my previous Business Box where we receieved an SPF30 sun cream (Which I did use in Rhodes on my face and it worked great)

It is Cruelty Free and Vegan and it has a nice texture and smells like holidays so I will keep this on my desk for my hands.

You can purchase this on LookFantastic for £29

Dr Botanicals Cocoa Noir Sensuous Cream 50ml

Alice Wheeler London iPad/ Tablet Case RRP £19.99

Another brand repeat – I got a larger Navy version of this in my first Business Box.

It’s got a really soft lining and is perfect for small tablets. Both of our iPads are too big and its a bit too big for my kindle so I think I will be passing this on.

It does say it can be used as a clutch bag but there isn’t any sort of handle and it wouldn’t hold very much at all.

Perfect Planner Co Summer Wall Planner RRP £7.95

Another brand repeat! Last months box had the Social Media Planner from this company.

The planner measures approx 50cm x 70cm and is ready to be pinned to your wall.

I got the box a bit too late to use this for the summer so I’ll be popping it away ready to use next year.

This planner is available from The Perfect Planner Co for £7.95

The Business Box – Box 3 Summary

The total RRP for this box is £72.92

Bit disappointed with 3 brand repeats as I really like to use subscription boxes to find new brands to shop with.

Box 4 is already here so I will be getting this the unboxing recorded and blog uploaded ASAP!

ChrissyJ xxx

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