The Business Box – will it really be your favourite business expense?

You all know I love a good subscription box! I love the excitement of that box arriving and just not knowing what will be inside. The Business Box had been stalking me on my sponsored ads for a while now so I decided to give it a go and here is how it went…

What is the Business Box?

The Business Box is a subscription box for female business owners, to help them to rocket fuel their business and look after themselves.

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Back in 2020 while the world closed down around her Lauren, who was unable to work due to her theatre business being closed down, decided to start up a sideline to keep her busy. Little did she know it would soon turn into a 6 figure business, helping business owners all over the UK.

The Business Box is a subscription model currently you can get your first box for half price and then you can choose between a minimum of an additional 3 or 6 monthly boxes

Minimum 3 month subscription (Half price box at £17.50 then £35 p/m after 14 days)


Minimum 6 month subscription (Half price box at £17.50 then £33 p/m after 14 days)

Unlike other subscription boxes you don’t pay for your 3 or 6 months upfront, you pay monthly and after your initial term it will continue until you cancel.

Each box will include items such as a self development book, stationery and office items and ‘a little self care’ item. This gives a pretty wide scope of products that could be included.

As part of the subscription there is also an online community (Facebook group) and also online training available for you to watch.

What was in The Business Box?

I didn’t really know what to expect from this box as I said above the examples of products you could recieve are endless. Which made it all the more exciting for the box to turn up!

When this huge box arrived I was pretty excited to get inside and see what I had!

The items I received were

You can have it all without burning out by Deborah Bulcock RRP £9.99

This is current free on Kindle unlimited (as of 17/06/22) you can grab it here – paperback also avaialble.

I have never heard of Deborah or this book before and I have read a lot of ‘self help’ books around business.

Burn out is definitely something I have sufffered from so I look forward to giving this a read.

Therapy Putty RRP £7.99

I have a real thing about textures and I didn’t think this was going to pass my likability test at all but it doesn’t feel anything like I expected. It’s completely dry and has more of a foam like texture

It is however lavendar scented (yuck) I tried not to sniff it too much as lavendar really isn’t my favourite but perhaps this would disappear once it had been open a bit.

Things to Google Later Desk Pad RRP £6.99

Desk pads are always useful to have although I would get through this one pretty quickly if I did only add 4 things to each sheet.

This one is A5 and has approx 50 sheets that tear off from the top. It is in my favourite colours though

Sassy Shop Whipped Soap RRP £8.50

I love that this is made in Bristol which isn’t too far from us. It is Vegan, Palm Oil Free and Cruelty Free.

I found the smell really overwhelming as I still have Covid nose but my husband and daughter said it smells really sweet and the bubblegum is the most dominant of the fragrances.

The actual soap is the most bizarre thing I have ever felt, it looked like it would be solid but it was like a whipped cream consistency. You just scoop a bit out, lather it up in your hands and use it all over.

You can shop with Sassy Shop here I may have ordered one of their subscription boxes to try it out so watch out for that review at the end of the month when it arrives!

Personalised Mug RRP £12

Things with my name on. I can’t resist them. This could have been the only product in the box and I would have been happy.

Its really cute that they took the time to get personalised products for every subscriber. Coordinating that is a job on its own!

Here is my happy little face enjoying my new mug! And wearing my new favourite dress from StitchFix

Box Total RRP : £45.47

Free Gift : Alice Wheeler London Laptop Case

Each month there is a different offer for new subscribers. For May it was a free Alice Wheeler London Laptop / Document case. Unfortunately it is far too big for my laptop so I think I will likely pass it on but its pretty cute anyway!

This month you get a free box with your first months subscription box.

You also get a double sided card telling you what is in the box and the RRP – Mine was £45.47. It also lists any training that is happening. In May you had the option to watch Fran Excell and her Overcoming Self Sabotage lesson and Deborah Bulcock with Burnout : A lived experience.

Is The Business Box Worth It?

I am going to hold out my full judgement of this box until I have had all my 3 boxes. This one was ok, the mug saved it to be honest. But I have seen some of the past boxes and they look great.

My next box should be here anyday now as I have seen others posting up they have theirs so I will get that review up ASAP 🙂

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