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I am the first to admit I am a fast fashion person. If something is damaged I would sooner bin it and replace it at Primark than faff about having it repaired. I know how wasteful that is and I really want to make better decisions this year so I thought this was a good opportunity to change.

One of my more expensive tops I had through StitchFix came apart at the seam on the arm and a pair of my favourite jeans the button popped off and I couldn’t find it!

Old me would have just thrown them out and replaced them with something else but I was determed to find someone who could repair them for me.

Yes I could have probably done it myself, but by the time I’ve found the things I need to do the repair it would be easier to find someone else to do it and support their business along the way.

I was sure I had seen somewhere along the Worcester High Street that did repairs so I took my items along for them to have a look.

The Zipyard Worcester

The Zipyard Worcester are located opposite Specsavers on Pump Street just off the main high street.

10 Pump St, Worcester WR1 2QT || What 3 Words – ///lush.sing.once

01905 613582 || || Facebook || Insta || Twitter

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM-5:30 PM || Sunday: Closed

We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon to see whether they could help repair my items and we were surprised just how busy it was!

As someone who has never bothered to get anything repaired I genuinely had no idea how much it was going to cost but I had a guess to myself that it would probably be around £15 for my button and maybe £10 for the seam repair.

Gaz also realised his favourite running jacket could do with a new zip on the pocket as it has come off it’s little track and again some of the seam on the sleeve had come loose.

The lady who served us was really helpful, had a quick look and said the button would be £7.50 and the seam £15 which was the other way round to what I had expected the costs to be but I was happy with the total as it was less overall than I had expected. They also quoted Gaz’s jacket at £15 for the bits that needed doing.

She estimated it would take a week for the repairs to be completed but I was pleasantly surprised when everything was ready on Thursday.

Finished Repairs

I dropped in on my lunch break to grab my items and I’m so happy to have my favourite jeans back! My top also looked good as new as did Gaz’s running jacket.

Here are some of the services they offer you can find more information on The Zipyard website and you can locate your nearest one here

I will definitely think twice before throwing stuff away now if it can be repaired and hopefully you will too!

ChrissyJ xxx

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