Stitch Fix – Winter Box

I decided not to order a Lookiero this time and just order a Stitch Fix, but with specific instructions to see how well they do.

If you want to know more about Stitch Fix and the subscription have a read here if you want to give it a try yourself save £15 on your first order with my link

I left a note for the stylist so let’s see how they did!

Fix Preview

As always I got my Fix Preview email through and you don’t have to review any of the choices if you don’t want to.

I like to have a look to see if there is anything I definitely do not want or I definitely do!

From my fix preview I decided to select the boots and the navy & pink striped Sugarhill Brighton jumper.

I put a definite no on the jumpsuits and cardigans and marked them as ‘I have enough of these’.

What I got in my Stitch Fix

Excuse my unmade bed… I stripped it off and then decided I was going to record my try on.

RD style – Open Drape Cardigan – Size M – £59

First thing out of the box… a plain cardigan. The exact thing I didn’t want!

It’s not even got any colour to it, no buttons or front fastening and no pockets. This one will def be going back as I really want to move away from looking like a mum!

Verdict : Return

Sugarhill Brighton – Rita Retro Stripe Sweater – Size 14 – £54

I chose this to be in the box from my fix preview and I love it even more in the flesh than I did in the pics!

It’s more of a top than a jumper as it’s quite thin but that’s great because I get too hot most of the time.

Verdict : Keep

Sugarhill Brighton – Stacey Star Sweater – Size 14 – £58

Another Sugarhill design – I really love this brand! This black jumper has pops of coloured stars down the arm which I love.

This is a much thicker jumper so I could wear a light top under in for when I get too hot.

Verdict : Keep

MIA – Caelyn Zip Up Heeled Ankle Boot – Size 5 – £64.99

I also chose these to be in the box from the preview as I liked they were abit ‘alternative’

The zip makes them really easy to get on and off and the knitted ankle bit is a nice touch.

Verdict : Keep

Editor’s Cut – Saturday Wrap Jumpsuit – Size 14 – £44

I have several Editor’s Cut jumpsuits and I do love them, they are always super comfy and sit nice, but I just couldn’t justify keeping another one. (Especially as they were on my ‘don’t want’ list!)

I do find they are always quite short though and I prefer the trouser leg to sit on my shoe rather than round my ankle. I thought I might have shrunk my others but this one is exactly the same.

Verdict : Return

Total for this Stitch Fix – £290.99 (with a buy all discount of £58.20 making it £232.79)

What did I think of this Stitch Fix selection?

I can’t work out where it went a bit wrong – They obviously read the note to have included the Sugarhill Brighton jumpers yet ignored the items I said I didn’t want?

Also I have ended up returning both of the jumpers as they are available from Sugarhill Brighton directly for 30% off (Stacey) and 40% off (Rita) at the moment so it was cheaper to get them directly.

Lookiero do normally discount items that they know are in sale on the original brands site and I don’t know whether Stitch Fix don’t do this or it was just missed.

Let me know below if you agree with my keep / return choices!!

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself save £15 on your first order with my link

ChrissyJ xxx

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