Why you should be using TikTok for your business

You may have seen the dance crazes, the funny viral videos and lots of things to distract you from whatever you are supposed to be doing but here are just a few reasons you should be using Tiktok for your business!

Large brands have already realised the potential of Tiktok and are creating their own sounds for customers to use when they make videos to show off their purchases (boohoo, nike, primark to name a few!) and making # to go with them for their customers to use. And well, if it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for the rest of us!

It’s not just all about dancing about, you can tailor it to suit your business, with over 689 million monthly users worldwide and over 17 million monthly 18+ UK users you could definitely find some new customers. Around 65% of European users are Female and around 49% of users say they have made a purchase after seeing a Tiktok video!!

Here are 3 different ways to show off your products

So how do you use Tiktok for your business?

Don’t want to show your face? No problem let your products be the star of the show!

Don’t mind being in your video but don’t want to talk? How about this one?

Want to jump on the trending sounds? Then this one is for you…

It took me around 20 mins to record and edit these 3 videos, which I can then use on my other socials, you can record and save videos in drafts to post later (but you can’t download them at this point) or you can post private (meaning you can download them) and then change to public later on.

Video content already rates high on other social media platforms and everything you make on Tiktok is downloadable (including the sounds) and can be reposted on almost any other platform (we will get to that in a bit!) It also downloads with your username already overlaid onto the screen and it moves about as it plays so it’s not easier for someone to pinch your content and pass it off as their own.

Tiktok contains a whole jukebox full of sounds which you are able to use for your videos, they even have a helpful list of ‘trending’ sounds so you know exactly what is hot right now to help your chances of landing on the FYP (That’s the for you page which is the generic home page for everyone where you can discover people you aren’t connected too along with seeing videos from your connections) everyone’s FYP is different, Tiktok ‘learns’ what you like by analysing what you view, how long you view it, whether you interact with it or if you just swipe it away (Clever huh?)

You can also use #hashtags which most people are already familiar with from using other platforms – you can search videos by these # so definitely use them!

Some things I wish I had known …

  • If you delete the app, change phones or load a back up you will lose all your drafts – yes I lost loads not knowing this when I upgraded my phone 🙁
  • Once you publish a video you can’t edit the description, so check for typos!
  • If you save a video as Private, you can’t edit the description before making it public
  • You can go ‘Live’ once you have 1000 followers
  • You can go ‘Live’ with someone else when you have 5000 followers
  • You can video up to 60 seconds but shorter videos tend to do better
  • Instagram doesn’t like you adding videos to reels with the tiktok branding on

So I hope this will inspire you to give Tiktok for your business a go! Come and follow me here and you’ll find my business over here

I’d love to see some of your creations so don’t be shy to tag me in your videos @Itsmechrissyj

ChrissyJ xxx

Stats from info from Business of Apps

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