Whats the fuss about all these word games?

Unless you live under a rock it’s very likely you have seen at some point someone post on their social media feed about at least one of these word games, if you are friends with me you will be used to seeing my daily update like the one below.

But what are these word games? Well let me tell you more about them!


Wordle is probably the main one you have seen floating about on Facebook. It was created by software engineer Josh Wardle from Wales.

It is a daily word game, with a new word each day (it resets at midnight) You won’t find it in the app store though as it is just a web based game you can access it here

The aim of this free game is to guess the five-letter word in a few guesses as possible.

With each guess your letters will change colour to help you with guessing the word of the day.

Grey Tile : Not in the word
Yellow Tile : Right letter but in the wrong spot
Green Tile : Correct letter and in the correct place

You can then share your results (without any spoilers) by clicking on the share button

For Wordle you have the options for you to personalise the game. You can switch it onto hard mode, where if you get a green letter (so one in the right spot) or yellow squares (right letter, wrong place) you must use it in your next guesses.

Dark theme is what I have it set on with the black background as this is what I have my phone set to as a default setting.

Colour blind mode is available for those who need it which gives the game a new look with the green and yellow being replaced by blue and orange squares.

Wordle has now been bought by the New York Times and they have said the mobile game will stay free.


If you are easily offended you should probably skip this section because it does contain offensive words!

Lewdle is another version of the online game, accessed via your web browser, again with a new puzzle each day, however this one has a slight twist as the words are all, well how do you put it, slightly lewd!

I have actually realised while playing this that I don’t actually know as many rude words as I thought and certainly not enough 5 letters ones!

Again you have the same format with the aim to get the correct answer in as few guesses as possible with a maximum of 6 guesses overall.

You also have the Colour blind mode on Lewdle as you do with Wordle which changes the yellow squares to blue and green squares to orange. Grey remains the same.

Recently they have also added the function to be able to use non lewd words in your guesses to help you get the correct letters / letter placement to help you guess the correct word.


The success of wordle has of course led to similar games being released and this is one I was told about today

This one is all thing Taylor Swift and I have to say I do love it, I’m sure we will see lots of these springing up over the coming weeks.

Again this one words on the same principle of trying to guess the right word, my first guess obviously had to be swift!

Enough with the word games how about a numbers game…


Lastly but certainly by no means least, we have Nerdle for those who think Wordle is a bit of a simple game this one is definitely more challenging.

This one takes all our favourite features from the wordle puzzles but adds in a maths equation instead of letters / words.

Nerdle is 8 boxes across and you can use number 0 to 9, Plus, Minus, Divide, Multiply and Equals. You can use these multiple times to create your equation.

The main game colours are Black (incorrect) Deep Purple (Correct, wrong place) and Green (correct and right position) and then in colour blind mode it changes to the white for incorrect and the brighter purple and green squares.

Again this also has a dark mode the same as all the others, colourblind mode as mentioned above and also a slightly easier mode with only 6 columns.


This one definitely takes the biscuit for using your brain power – not only will you be trying to guess the word of the day, you’ll actually be trying to guess FOUR at the same time.

Yes you read that right four words at the same time.

You can do a practice run on this one to get your head round it before you go in on the daily game if you want too.

It still runs along the same rules as all the above games with the green (blue in colourblind mode) letters being in the correct position and yellow (orange in colourblind mode) being in the word but wrong position.

You can also switch to dark mode if you prefer the look of it.

I have done 3 days worth and I have got all 4 once and 3 twice but I think I have the hang of it now!

You can play Quordle here

I have become a bit obsessed with these games over the recent weeks, I have always been a fan of word games and I have loved having a daily puzzle to look forward too.

My top tips would be think about your first word carefully, the best words to start with are those that help find the vowels required. This usually makes it easier for me to guess so I use words like audio, rivet and aloud. Your guesses do also have to be a real word.

ChrissyJ xxx

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