Bally Bakes Worcester – Our year (and a bit) in cakes!

We get so many compliments for the cakes we get for celebrations and I thought I would tell you a bit more about the talent that is behind them. Much as I would love to take credit I hung my apron up a long time ago and we now have Lucy from Bally Bakes Worcester creating these for us.

She is based in St Peters Worcester and we absolutely love her creations!

We actually came across her by chance when way back in maybe September time 2020 she was advertising £5 boxes of cupcakes during lockdown.

I love cake (clearly) and nothing beats home made cupcakes! Shop bought ones just do not compare so I love it when I find somewhere that I can get boxes of ‘proper’ cupcakes.

Our first taste of Bally Bakes

I spotted an ad that Lucy was doing these little boxes for £5 with collection from St Peters so we grabbed 2 to try her out. They were delicious and well, I’ve been hooked ever since!

Christmas Boxes

A bit later on towards Christmas we saw Lucy was again offering boxes of cupcakes for collection so we just had to grab some more!

These ones were (obviously) Christmas themed with Holly, Snowflakes and Merry Christmas toppers made from fondant icing, a buttercream frosting and just a touch of sparkle.

Oscars 1st Birthday Cake

When Birthdays started rolling round I knew where I was going to be ordering our celebration cakes from.

January 2021 was Oscars first birthday and as he loves Thomas the tank engine we knew this was going to be the theme of his first cake!

I am a bit of a bakers nightmare because I am pretty vague on what I want, I gave Lucy the requirements of it needed to be Thomas themed, that was all!

But she does a great job and we all loved this design. We have kept the Thomas on our memory shelf as it was far too cute to eat.

This was vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting/filling and covered in fondant.

My Birthday Cakes

Next up Gaz contacted Lucy to order me cupcakes for my birthday as he knows how much I love cake!

Again she probably didn’t get too much direction from Gaz about what he wanted and she produced these beauties. I love the mix of colours and patterns she has used.

These were vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (are you seeing a theme yet of what I like the most?)

Miles’ 16th Birthday Cake

When it was agreed we could have Miles for his birthday I wanted to make sure he had the best cake! Being a massive Liverpool fan I knew exactly what he would want!

These cakes are such a good size they are more than enough for the 7-10 of us that are around when there is cake!

Gaz’s Birthday Cake

Ok Ok I know I have no imagination and I did indeed just order the same cake in a different teams colours for Gaz.

With Gaz being a Villa fan and Miles being a Liverpool fan you can imagine how fun our house is when they play each other!

Chloe’s Birthday

Lucy really got me out of a sticky spot with these, I book ahead for birthdays so I don’t forget only I DID forget and hadn’t booked in for Chloe!

Luckily Lucy very kindly managed to squeeze me in for a dozen cupcakes and saved the day!

Again with my vague request of “Purples and Blues? Its for Chloe she will be 11 but she’s not very girly!” so I think she did a great job and Chloe loved they had her name on too

Lottie’s Birthday

When Lucy saved me with Chloe’s cakes I made sure I also booked in for Lottie which is just a couple of weeks later

Lottie absolutely loved the colours of these and all the edible decorations too.

Holly’s Birthday

Next up was Holly’s birthday! We ordered these to collect a few days prior to her birthday, as we should have been flying out to Cape Verde but it was cancelled due to all the Red list uncertainty.

We asked for these to be pink and bright as she is currently super obsessed with LOL dolls and we got these toppers from Amazon as part of a whole set of decorations for her birthday.

And now we have a 2nd year of cakes too!

Oscar’s 2nd Birthday

And last but by no means least our most recent cake and this one was super big!

Oscar is 2 now (it is crazy how quick these last 2 years have flown by) and he is now crazy into Peppa Pig and George so of course that is what he wanted on his cake.

He also LOVES chocolate cake so we went for chocolate this time and it was so good, I’m not a fan of chocolate cake in general as I think it tends to be really dry but this wasn’t at all (Well done Lucy you may have converted me!)

Chloes 12th Birthday Cake

We mixed it up with cakes instead of cupcake this year. Chloe wanted a Roblox / Minecraft / Stranger Things cake with an acrylic topper.

Vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream – delicious!

Lotties 11th Birthday Cake

For Lottie we had a TikTok themed cake with acrylic topper. Lottie wanted a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream.

Holly’s 5th Birthday Cupcakes

Holly decided she would rather have cupcakes after seeing someone else had these on Bally Bakes page.

Beautiful ombre rainbow switl cupcakes – Vanilla sponge with vanilla butttercream.

My 38th Birthday Cupcakes

During our trip to Blackpool Gaz surprised me with cupcakes from Bally Bakes.

Vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla swirls and these cute little Happy birthday toppers.

Bally Bakes Worcester

If you are local to Worcester I highly recommend checking Lucys Bally Bakes Worcester page out on Facebook and I’d love if you could share this post with anyone you do know who lives in or near to Worcester

ChrissyJ xxx

I have not been paid or gifted any items in this post – all opinions are my own – I just believe in supporting small businesses where I can!

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