Cakey Art

One of my biggest passions is all things cake! I love baking, I love decorating and most of all I luuuuuurve eating it 😀 (Who doesn’t?!)

I got some vouchers for the Blue Door Bakery for my birthday off my husband and bestie and treated myself to the Miniature cupcake class in March and had a looooooong wait till the class in June

But boy was it worth the wait! It was taught by Farley a super talent cupcake artist from London who also teaches classes down at her studio in London – you can find her site here

Learning how to create shapes in miniature and also how to support and display all our creations (not to mention eating lots of cake along the way!)

Blue Door Bakery do lots of classes that you can find here

Can’t wait to do some more 🙂

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