The Business Box – Box 4

This is going to be my last Business Box, I really REALLY wanted it to be good but I just don’t think it has the value for what it costs. They are great as one off gifts of maybe if you could opt in to get them every 3 months or so and have refills of stationery in there, but as they are it feels like they aren’t planned out well and are a bit just thrown together which is disappointing.

Anyway here goes with what I received in The Business Box, Box 4!

There are usually 2 trainings to go alongside the box each month but there wasn’t any mention of it with this box – There wasn’t a card in the box either like there usually is with the RRPs etc so I will be going off the RRPs I can find online.

The Gap in the Middle – Carol Deveney

This is available on Amazon for £9.99 in paperback or £8.99 (!) on Kindle. One of the most expensive books

From the founder of global consulting firm See Change International Consulting Ltd as featured in the Sunday Times.
Are you a small business owner who wants to work with big companies but don’t know how to make that happen? If so Carol Deveney is going to show you how she made it happen and how you can do the same.

Do you want to:

  • break the feast and famine cycle of entrepreneurship
  • find out where and how to start working business to business
  • create a stable pipeline of ongoing corporate work
  • feel confident approaching companies you want to work with
  • have a proven method of generating high value work

The Gap in the Middle will take you step by step through the actions that you need to take personally and professionally so that you can find and secure well paid work with corporates and government organisations.
Carol will take you through the strategy and tactics she used to build a successful consulting company working with some of the biggest companies. You will find out who you want to work with and who wants to work with you. Carol will help you take every action you need so that you can get your products or services successfully into the business world.

Bubble T Bath Fizzer

Available from Bubble T for £3

The bath fizzers are great and are a really good size. They smell INCREDIBLE. My office always smells so good when I have any Bubble T stock around.

Daisy Insulated Drinks Bottle

I have a wholesale account with the company this and the stress ball comes from so I logged in to find to RRP.

Puckator have this as RRP £16.49 which is high for one of these bottles you can pick them up for around £6 in The Range.

Rainbow Stress Ball

As I said above I logged into my wholesale account to find an RRP for this one and Puckator recommend an RRP of £2.99 for this squishy rainbow ball. My kids will 100% be fighting over this shortly!

Desktop Daily Planner

I don’t know whether this got all crumpled up before it got to me or whether it’s happened here but I have got a heavy book on top of it now to try and flatten it (although it feels damp!)

No RRP on this because it is something The Business Box team have produced themselves. But a similar one in a previous box had an RRP of £6.99 so we will go with that!

Business Box Overview

With the RRPs I managed to find and guessing the planner pad this box has an RRP of £39.45 the box costs £35 so it’s not really giving you much added value (which for me is what subscription boxes are all about!)

ChrissyJ xxx

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