Grand Sirenis Spa Facilities

One thing I knew I wanted to check out was the Grand Sirenis Spa Facilities! I’m not a massive fan of spa ‘days’ but I do quite like a massage and it was a good excuse for some child free time.

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At the Tui welcome meeting we could speak to a member of the spa team who gave us a few different offers we could take advantage of.

I decided to book a ‘firming’ massage (2230mxn/£104) and got a 2.5 hour water circuit session for free and added Gaz on for just $20(around £16 – usually £23)

The Grand Sirenis Spa has it’s own shuttles that pick up every half hour or so along the main shuttle route. If you don’t want to wait for the shuttle you’ll find the spa located in the top left corner of the map next to the Dolphin area.

It’s a lovely little walk up to the Spa and you’ll find lots of wildlife! We always spotted huge Iguanas while around this area.

When we arrived we were checked in and each given a locker key. We were shown to the changing rooms and left to get ready.

In your locker you will find a towel and rubber slippers. You can then also leave all your belonging in here for the duration of your stay. Each locker is secured with a small padlock.

Once we were changed, we were greeted by a Spa host who took us through to the Water Circuit area. We were allocated some loungers to leave our towels on. We then got a full walk round of the facilities before heading off to enjoy our session.

Along with all the Spa facilities you’ll also find a little cafe towards the back of the ground floor. You can choose between a seletion of complimentary hot and cold drinks.

In the locker room you’ll also find the toilets, showers and a specific bin for disposable underwear.

The gym has a good selection of cardio equipment and weights (there were too many people in the weights for me to take a photo). But my favourite part is the bikes have this beautiful sea view!

The Water Circuit part of the Spa is available as a stand alone booking but it sounded like most people did get to use it for free if they booked a treatment. To book it on it’s own is 495mxn/£23.

I didn’t mean to blur Gaz out, it was a drop of water on my waterptoof phone case!

Nestled between 2 beautifully heated hot tubs is a cold water submerge. It came with lots of do not use if.. warnings so we had to give it a try!

Look at those views!

Firstly I can confirm it was ICE COLD. Not a little cold, literally like an ice bath. When I ducked down and got my shoulders under I actually couldn’t talk. Gaz lasted way longer than me, I am built for heat!

It was lovely having some alone time, it was pretty much the only time we got!

There were 2 pools each with various water jets that targeted different areas of the body. I’m not even going to pretend I remember any of the things she told us they did!

There was something for your upper back, lower back, thighs and some full body jets.

When Gaz left me to go back to the room before my treatment I stayed in here just looking out at the view. It was lovely and peaceful as I only had a couple of other people in the Spa area at the same time as me by this point.

The other side had a jacuzzi (not heated) and again various water jets and more beautiful views.

Part of the Water Circuit includes several different hot/cold rooms. Along with the standard sauna and steam room, there are various showers with different water temperatures.

We were slightly disappointed the bucket tip wasn’t ice cold! And here is Gaz demostrating some of the rooms…

Once we were finished in the Water Circuit and it was my treatment time, I was given another bundle. This one had a robe and some beautiful disposable underwear.

Once changed, I was taken back out to the reception waiting area to wait for my therapist. I didn’t have long to wait and she lead me upstairs to the treatment room.

The room had a shower in, along with a therapy bed. It was quite dimly lit which added to the lovely peaceful atmosphere.

I chose a firming wrap which I expected to be a short massage with some oils/creams and then be left in a wrap. How wrong was I…!

First the therapist scrubbed me whole body with some sort of body scrub, which was strangely nice. She then instructed me to shower and put on a new set of the underwear and gave me a little sponge.

Next she asked what areas I wanted to focus on, which wasn’t a question I was expecting so I just sort of waved at my middle. She proceeded to massage more oils into me before wrapping a cling film type wrap around me and placing warm towels over the top.

I could have laid there all day. I thought I would stay there for quite a while but I think it was only about 10 minutes. She then told me to shower again and put on another set of underwear.

Lastly she massaged my whole body with what I presume was a moisturiser before taking me back down to the reception.

Absolutely! The staff were all so lovely and friendly. The facilities are lovely and you could easily spend a day in there dipping in and out of the various pools and rooms.

Here is where you’ll find the Spa Menu and also the Spa Menu for For ages 6-14 years. Feel free to ask any comments you have in the comments.

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