Junior Baking Club from BakedIn

Junior Baking Club from BakedIn

You have probably seen in our previous posts that we already subscribe to the BakedIn Baking and Bread clubs and love them. So when the Junior Baking club box launched of course we had to give it a go!

Our first box arrived today, which is actually a free starter box with the free branded apron you get for subscriptions of 6 or 12 months.

The Junior Baking Club is priced at

£10.99 per box with no subscription
£30 for 3 months up front (£10 a box)
£49 for 6 months up front (£8.16 a box)
£90 for 12 months up front (£7.50 a box)

For those who aren’t familiar with these boxes – they arrive once a month and include all the dry ingredients (measured to the exact quantities you need, ready to pour into your bowls!), a recipe card which also includes the quantities you would need if you wanted to re bake something, handy extras such as skewers, greaseproof paper and piping bags that are required for that months bake.

This kit also included a piping nozzle which you can keep for future baking projects. You will also get an email before your box arrives each month to let you know what ingredients you may need – generally it is butter, milk and eggs

You’ll also get a recipe card folder to keep all your recipe cards in, you just need to hole punch them and get collecting.

We have quite a collection already from the original baking & bread boxes so we are excited to see what we get with the Junior Baking Club.

Junior Baking Club – Starter Box

Holly was super excited- she loves baking (and eating) and here she is giving a briefing to her baking team of what we are doing today, which is Vanilla Cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles!

First we needed to weigh out some butter and mix in the caster sugar (bag 1) and then add 3 eggs. Lottie was in charge of cracking these before adding them to the mix.

She cracked 2 perfectly and then managed to drop the whole 3rd egg into the bowl of egg so we had to fish out bits of shell before pouring it into the bowl.

Next we added the flour, baking powder & vanilla (bag 2) and Holly helped me mix it until we had no more lumps. I wouldn’t normally make things by hand but the girls don’t find using the mixer quite as fun but this mix was quite smooth even just using a whisk.

Next we needed to spoon the mix into the cases. Tip: use an ice cream scoop to help get even amounts in each case. Using one like this makes it easy to drop it into the cases too.

There was exactly enough for 12 cakes doing it this way.

Ping! Cakes are ready

We checked the cakes with the skewer after 18 minutes and they were ready (it came out clean when we poked them!) and they were nice and bouncy when we pressed the tops.

Once they were cooled the Buttercream needed to be made – 150g of butter and icing sugar (bag 3).

I always find making buttercream messy because icing sugar has a mind of its own so I had to help a little at this point. But Lottie and Holly did a great job making sure it was well mixed together.

Neither of them wanted to touch the squidgy piping bag so I ended up piping on the buttercream – been a long time since I’ve done that!

Lastly.. decorations! The box came with a bag of rainbow sprinkles (bag 4) which Holly and Lottie decorated the cupcakes with. Mickey was overseeing the work force for this step!

After all that all that was left to do was eat them! They were lovely light vanilla sponge cakes, with sweet buttercream icing.

They were very happy with the results and the cakes were delicious. These 2 really love baking and are looking forward to their next box already

You can find out more here and save £10 on your first order / subscription

Feel free to share your bakes with us on the facebook page, we would love to see them!

ChrissyJ, Holly and Lottie xxx

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