Homemade Pizza and Tear’n’Share breads

Another edition of our BakedIn sub box mixed in with some Roberts Bakery pizza base mix

First we started off making the pizza bases, we bought a ‘Get Baking Kit’ from Roberts Bakery it can be used for bread, rolls and pizza bases – you just add oil and water (we previously made bread and it was yummy!)

Miles expertly kneaded it before we put them into prove

As we are at our holiday home we put them out in the sun under damp towels for an hour which seems to work just fine

Meanwhile we made our tear and share garlic bread – the recipe is Cheese and Garlic but I don’t eat cheese so they allowed me to have one without cheese (how kind!) Again these also needed to prove before baking

We baked the garlic bread for around 45 mins and the pizzas for around 20 mins (a bit longer than suggested but our caravans oven is rubbish!)

Bakedin bread baking subscription box

Our pizza toppings were tomato paste base with grated mild cheddar cheese and a selection from Mushrooms, Bacon, Ham, Chicken, Pineapple (we are 100% club pineapple belongs on pizza!) And pepperoni

It all passed the taste test and not a scrap was wasted! Although it was alot longer than throwing a frozen pizza and garlic bread in the oven, the freshness made up for the extra prep time

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ChrissyJ xxx

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