Slimming world

6 babies and a busy life have lead to a very over expanded waist line ūüôą

I managed to lose weight while i was pregnant and actually ended my pregnancy over a stone lighter than I started! But Ive soon put that back on the last 12 weeks ūüėź

We eat out. Alot. Hence the weight gain! So now I need to start working out what these places do that is SW friendly starting tonight with Nandos!

My usual is

Red pepper dip (39 syns!) But i do onlt dip my pitta in it and dont actually eat very much of the dip at all!

Regular chips (15 syns)

Regular spicy rice (2 syns)

Chicken butterfly (3.5 syns)

Wish me luck!

Published by Chrissy J

Slighty crazy Married mum of 7 :) Love to be busy, never a dull moment in my day!

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