Little Kickers Worcester

Oscar showed interest in kicking things about from the minute he could walk so we knew as soon as we were able too, we would like him to start some sort of football training. We searched around various clubs but settled on Little Kickers. Little Kickers start sessions from 18 months so at 18 monthsContinue reading “Little Kickers Worcester”

10 things you need to know before buying a holiday home

We absolutely love owning our own holiday home and we wouldn’t change it for the world. But we also know that owners come and go very quickly because they didn’t do their homework before committing to buy. We have owned 4 different holiday / vacation homes on 2 different sites and we made some veryContinue reading “10 things you need to know before buying a holiday home”

Kids eat free offers – February Half Term

Having such a large family finding anywhere that does any sort of Kids eat free offer is music to our ears! So here is a round up of as many Kids eat free / Kids eat for £1 offers that I could find – feel free to let me know if you find any others.Continue reading “Kids eat free offers – February Half Term”

Ounce – Best Steakhouse in Worcester

If you are looking for the best Steakhouse in Worcester, look no further, this post is for you! We discovered Ounce last year after asking in the Worcester Foodies group on Facebook for recommendations for a date night just before all the second lockdowns happened in the Summer and we were hooked from our firstContinue reading “Ounce – Best Steakhouse in Worcester”

I only want some plants, she said…

Yesterday I dragged my husband off to the local garden centre (St Peters Garden Centre, Pear Tree Farm, Norton, WR5) with the promise of breakfast (he is easily bribed!) I promised I didn’t need to get loads just some compost and plants / trees for our new raised beds in the garden. I really wantContinue reading “I only want some plants, she said…”

Freshly Laid Eggs Worcester – Henwick

Freshly Laid Eggs Worcester My husband would love to have chickens so he could have fresh eggs every day but lets be honest we have enough of a job looking after the children let alone animals! So imagine his excitement when we found someone just a couple of minutes from our house who sells them!Continue reading “Freshly Laid Eggs Worcester – Henwick”

Treasure hunting on Easter Sunday

If you live in Worcester you may already know about The Lost Woodsman on Insta. He has been crafting (and now also growing!) Little surprises and hiding them around Worcester since the end of Dec 2020. His latest ‘hide’ today consisted of 100 carvings (Foxes, Badgers, Mice, Owls and trees) and 200 Tomato plant seedlings.Continue reading “Treasure hunting on Easter Sunday”

Gousto Subscription day 3..

Today we decided to take a walk into Worcester to get the kids out the house before our 3rd Gousto subscription dinner. We wanted to walk down the river but it was pretty flooded so we couldn’t and had to walk to town along the main road We grabbed a coffee at Cafe Viaduct byContinue reading “Gousto Subscription day 3..”