Its not just a bit of luck

People ask me all the time – Why do I do what I do? and tell me I’m ‘lucky’ when I tell them what I get up too!
Firstly – I’m not lucky, I work hard and I work ALOT 😂😂

I’ve worked in Direct Sales now for over 14 years – Ive worked with lots of companies – run big teams and small teams, some companies Ive stayed with a long time, others I got out quick! I’ve found out what I like doing and more importantly what I don’t like doing! I’ve travelled to America several times to attend events and won holidays to Miami/Jamaica, Europe and within the UK, we’ve paid off our cars, debts and working on our mortgage now – we’ve also been able to buy 2 holiday homes which we now let out which also bring in an income.

I had people tell me I was stupid working in Direct Sales, the products wont sell, no-one will want to join you, the company wont be around in 12 months time – but those people – their opinions don’t pay my bills and I carried on regardless if nothing else just to prove them wrong 😉

I love working in direct sales – not only does it give me freedom both time wise and financially but it also allows to me to help others do the same! Not many jobs you can get the level of job satisfaction you do when working for yourself – so if you want to do the same get in touch! <3

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Slighty crazy Married mum of 7 :) Love to be busy, never a dull moment in my day!

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